What series to watch in June of 2020


June is a month quite full of news, in part because of the delay in the dubbing, forced by the measures of confinement, which has made a few titles that should have been seen in the spring, it’s going to do now.

‘The Head’. (Source: Jacques Mezger)

The majority of the returns for June are series to say goodbye to their viewers. That is what happens in Netflix with Thirteen reasonsin Movistar+ with Look what you’ve done and on SYFY with 100. The three awaken some curiosity for different reasons; in the case of the comedy of Berto Romero, for example, Movistar+ is going to broadcast at the rate of two chapters each Thursday, breaking its usual strategy of launching a full season.

We found several aspirants to the title “unexpected surprise” of June, and for different reasons. One may be arriving in Spain with fairly delayed with respect to original release, as occurs with Why kill the womenthe new series from Marc Cherry which landed, finally, on HBO Spain.