Direct to DVD: Buffaloed – Loco x the Film


Peg it is a luminaire for businesses, especially those that are based on numbers and sell things. And that is what leads to several arguments with the law, which makes your future college to go to the tacho. Now Peg find a new way of life, and that is to be cobradora of debts.

We continue reviewing what we find on the internet, and today we talk about Buffaloed, film that anyone who speaks to them, not giving two weights, but ended up meeting with a tape pretty solid, honest and above all, without pretensions of grandeur.

This is, as we shall see Zoey Deutch to the cries for a large part of the film, ripping off people while self convinces you that you are not doing any harm to anybody; at the same time that breaks the fourth wall and talks to the screen explaining the grey legal of the that cling to the debt collectors to continue their work. In this sense, the film manages to explain itself, despite touching a topic that is very cumbersome for those who are not well versed with the percentages or the articles of the law.

And the truth that the girl goes out pretty well stop. Many are pigeonholed by romantic comedies of dubious quality, but if you look at their past work, note that you are trying to change the characters, and here you must give one of his best performances, loaded with all the weight of the film without any problem.

It is a pity that the rest of the cast is not up to it. Jai Courtney gets to show his zero skills of interpretation to make a villain mafia gangsta a thousand times seen, while Judy Greer (who I consider a good actress), is still pigeonholed in the role of a mother immature comes by composing and makes it easy, her last five movies.

To this we must add that the end feels quite rushed. It seems something more is taken out of the sleeve so that the film does not extend the hour and a half, to something that occurs naturally, a progression of the protagonist and her way of seeing the world.

Buffaloed it’s a good film to dry. Being aware that they did not have much budget, the makers of this film decided to have something small, relying rather on the good work of his lead actress. Ideal to see if you don’t have anything else, nor many expectations.

3.5 out of 5 stars (3,5 / 5)