Criticism of Paradise Hills, a tale of court fantastic with Milla Jovovich


A heavenly place and a hostess as spectacular as Milla Jovovich: we bring to you the criticism without spoilers of Paradise Hills, a movie of fantasy led by the filmmaker Spanish Alice Waddington that will surprise you. Premiere in cinemas on the 11th of October 2019 after its passage through the Sitges Film Festival.

Alice Waddington, the creator, and director of Paradise Hills she is a woman tremendously enthusiastic, who loves what she does and has a powerful label as the author.

In the presentation of the film at the Sitges Film Festival, she made it quite clear her commitment to her “son”, this first feature film, in which she has surrounded herself with the talent to make it look with a true visual splendor. And don’t say just for the stunning photography but also for the quality and the care put into the artistic direction and into two areas fundamental to create an atmosphere of a fairy tale: the makeup and hair.


In the next few days, those who visit the cinemas Princesa in Plaza de Los Cubos in Madrid, you can see two mannequins with samples of the suits used in the film and you can see their influences in the style that surely will delight more than two cosplayers.

However, all the charm has the look of the film, is not accompanied by a story sufficiently captivating or original. Her  heart is clear: the message is one of female empowerment, but the translation is somewhat poor in terms of narrative.

Paradise Hills introduces us to Uma (Emma Roberts), a young woman who wakes up on a mysterious island: is Paradise Hills, a luxury residence run by The Duchess (Milla Jovovich).

There, the wealthy families sent their daughters to be trained and educated to be women and perfect wives, but she is not satisfied with the husband that you have been assigned and, in fact, have a relationship with another man.

Despite the fact that in this kind of internship they try to model their personality to suit the target that has been imposed, Uma wants to remain true to itself, and you will soon discover that the residence hides many secrets that not even her companions more rebels are aware of.

Less provocative of what is intended by to be all about very little plausible in the approach of the characters and the plots, major, Paradise Hills yes that has that “I don’t know what” that makes you embark on the film with some hope that it is not more than a pamphlet. At the end of the day, there are so many references to classic stories such as Alice in Wonderland or Little red riding hood that has its charm the subversion of what is already known and I feel fine the touch of dystopia futuristic in communion with the fantasy of cutting supernatural. Here is where the character of Jovovich best looks, with many allusions to the Queen of Hearts, and to previous papers as the played in Hellboy.

In any case, and despite this imbalance between the vague history sustained in an artistic design outstanding, is to be applauded the risk that assumes the director and the skill of the production that has achieved a high degree of dreamlike quality that sits in a story in which are young women the masters of their destiny. Could have been embodied in a smarter way, especially in regard to romantic relationships, and with a few dialogues much less superficial…

The magnetism of Paradise Hills it is evident, and their claim to engage the public female teen also. Waddington laid it out very clearly: she wanted to make the film that you would have liked to see her in her moment because it was a few references in which to look at themselves in this genre. In this sense, it is clear that you have done your homework and that has a huge potential for the exploit, you have to work more to fund the hyphens.


As her own director said at the presentation of Paradise Hills, the film is a tribute to her “me” of 15 years: this is a tape of a fantasy very much geared to the teenage audience that is much more efficient in her visual treatment in her argument, quite simple.

The best

The presence of Milla Jovovich, the design of the characters, the staging, and the costumes. The production design is ambitious and consistent.

The worst

The script is quite simple-minded and predictable, although it has some trap to generate shock effect. The message is very hackneyed.