Amazon, Netflix, Apple TV+, Starzplay, Disney+ and Sky


The premiere of some modern classics of television, as ‘Lost’ or ‘Dexter’, are the strengths of this selection of movies and series on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Sky, Apple TV+, Starzplay and Disney+. Six platforms with very different intentions, catalog, and public with a few surprises under the sleeve face to the month of June. These are their premieres more prominent.

Amazon Prime Video: new movies, series and documentaries

‘Lost’ T1-8


After a while (never better said) disappeared of the tv streamingto the point that the include in our article on the basic series that we wanted to have on hand, it makes the intrigue serial that revolutionized the world of television forever. Just when you meet ten years from its end, and regardless of what you it seems your hasty last season, the impact and influence of this series created by JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof is indisputable. Now you have his eight seasons at hand to review it as a whole.

Other new releases Amazon Prime Video

Netflix: new movies, series and documentaries

‘Videofilia (and other viral syndromes)’

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Half essay on the apocalyptic times, multi-screen in which we live, half-romance between teenagers addicted to social networks, this unique peruvian film is video art and experimentation, and also a strange genuflection to genres such as film apocalyptic or the tragedy teen. Account how Light and Junior (26 and 28 years), who do not know each other in person despite multiple meetings by webcam, contemplating how a virus is expanded by the network.

Other releases from Netflix

  • ‘The Pianist’ (1/06)
  • ‘Head Borradora’ (1/06)
  • ‘The Babysitters’ (1/06)
  • ‘In the Name of Suspenseful or the First Beergarden in Tehran’ (1/06)
  • ‘Terroir’ (1/06)
  • ‘Synonyms’ (1/06)
  • ‘The Swallows of Kabul’ (1/06)
  • ‘Earthquake’ (2/06)
  • ‘The Nest’ (2/06)
  • ‘Queen of Hearts’ (3/06)
  • ‘Captives (The Captive)’ (4/06)
  • ‘Too Late’ (4/06)
  • ‘April’ (5/06)
  • ‘As you are the murderer’ ” (5/06)
  • ‘Crime against the Clock’ (5/06)
  • ‘Casanova, his last love’
  • ‘Rocambola’ (5/06)
  • ‘My final. Your’ start (6/06)
  • ‘Coup’ (7/06)
  • ‘The scandal (Bombshell)’ (10/06)
  • ‘Speed Kills’ (11/06)
  • ‘Ghost Walk’ (11/06)
  • ‘Vacation’ (12/06)
  • ‘Until the Light Takes Out’ (12/06)
  • ‘Saga Torrent’ (15/06)
  • ‘Videofilia (and other viral syndromes)’ (16/06)
  • ‘The plan’ (17/06)
  • ‘Special’ (19/06)
  • ‘Love is in the water’ (19/06)
  • ‘Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway’ (25/06)
  • ‘The Gentlemen’ (26/06)

Sky: new films, series and documentaries

‘The 100’ – T7

100 m

‘The 100’ already has a final season, in which it will accentuate the elements of science-fiction that we have been seeing in previous seasons. On this occasion, we have a new threat comes in the form of a civilization mysterious with technology incomprehensible to his service. This new season has been sometthing longer than usual with the intention that the series end up having 100 episodes just.

Other premieres of Sky

  • ‘The 100’ T7 – In issue
  • ‘Lost’ (1/06)
  • ‘Project Blue Book’ (T1 1/06 – T2 25/06)
  • ‘The Hour Chanante’ (20/06)
  • ‘Condor’ T2 (16/06)
  • ‘True Life Crime’ (14/06)
  • ‘The kingdom of the egyptian mummies’ (7/06)
  • ‘Eternal Self/Less’ (13/06)
  • ‘Killerman’ (8/06)
  • ‘Ida’ (1/06)
  • ‘The secret in their eyes’ (1/06)

Apple TV+: new movies, series and documentaries


Dear Photo 0109

This new documentary series of 10 episodes inspired by the series of announcements Apple ‘Dear Apple’, and uses letters written by people whose lives have been changed through the work of different professionals and artists. Among the guests who will read letters from their fans names are as prominent as Spike Lee, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Stevie Wonder, and Big Bird of ‘Sesame street’

Apple TV+: new movies, series and documentaries

  • ‘Dear…’ (5/06)
  • ‘Dads’ (19/06)

Disney+: new movies, series and documentaries

‘Artemis Fowl’


One of the first consequences announced the closing of rooms due to the coronavirus was the announcement of the premiere directly in Disney+ of ‘Artemis Fowl’, the attempt of Disney to have their own Harry Potter. It is the conclusion of a long journey in the adaptation of these popular novels, juvenile fantasy, and action, in which the son of a course superladrón discover a world of fairies and fantastic creatures at war with our world.

Disney+: new movies, series and documentaries

  • ‘Free’ Only ‘ – now available
  • ‘Genius by Stephen Hawwking’ (5/06)
  • ‘Artemis Fowl’ (12/06)
  • ‘Pecezuelos’ (12/06)
  • ‘Far beyond: making of Frozen 2’ (26/06)

Starzplay: new movies, series and documentaries


Tony McNamara, nominated for an Oscar for ‘The favourite’, is behind this series starring Elle Fanning giving life to Catherine The Great of Russia, who came to be the ruler longest-lived of the country despite being an immigrant from difficult beginnings. Playing continuously with the anachronisms, and a realization of current and uncommon in the fictions of that time until recently, it has also in its cast with Nicholas Hoult, whom we had already seen in ‘The favorite’.