A department, the first investment of Simona Halep


A department, the first investment of Simona Halep

Photo Twitter @MutuaMadridOpen

Photo Twitter @MutuaMadridOpen


Simona Halep has 20 titles in individual of the WTA. Won Roland Garros in 2018 and Wimbledon in 2019. His beginnings were hard and does not forget. Lately, the success has been on your side more often.

“I didn’t take a car, or an expensive house. I bought a small department to have money and invest in myself”said Halep in statements to the podcast BT Talks. So he replied when asked about the investment that you made with the first money important tennis.

“Tennis is a sport very expensiveyou have to invest, risk and no one guarantees you anything. My father never imagined that it would go to the summit. And I don’t say now, that I have had success. Really, I don’t think you have thought about it never, despite the moments difficult. Perhaps, he thought that he could not endure more, but it was then when I began to do my first cents”said the tennis player, who was also number one of the world.

Halep said that he always considered the possibility of investing in a good coacheven if it was a foreign more expensive. “I always want to buy with the money you earn, but you have to stop that instinct”, he explained.

Psychological instability

Halep was criticized in the past for being unstable psychologically during the important matches, such as at the end of Grand Slam in which it was defeated.

The best player of Romania into force responded openly to criticism.

“They were saying that Halep subsides quicklyis mentally unstable because you don’t mind. I never went to the field with the idea of losing. If I do not care, do not play. No one forced me to play tennis when I was a child. In fact, in those moments I was trapped and suffering. I could not give the performance that I prepared”said.

For the success, at 100%

“If you’re responsible and you’re 100% dedicated, it is impossible not to be successful, you sign,” said Halep, who has spent most of 20 years since it began in the tennis.

“Always I appreciated the people I had by my side and I am convinced that they were the best. I took off all the positive and then the goodbyes with all of my coaches, always I stayed with the best”, he said.