What was Matthew Fox, Jack in ‘Lost’?


Recently, it was fulfilled 10 years of the end of Lost, that series without knowing it was ahead of the current phenomenon of the marathons and the rise of the format.

It was a story that had many people glued to the screen. In Spain, Four, who had the rights, issued the final chapter subtitles at the same time to avoid piracy. In Lost, we had a cast large that I gave to much, and as is almost always the case, since the end of the series, there have been characters that we’ve seen a lot more, and others less.

Evangeline Lilly for example has had several important roles, and is currently the Wasp in The UCM. But what happened with Matthew Fox, the actor who gave life to Jack Shephard, the main protagonist among the cast coral Lost?


Sure some remember him from small roles, but what is certain is that her appearances after the series can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Matthew Fox was born in 1966 in Abington, Pennsylvania and began to stand-level american for the series Five in Family, a comedy where he presented the eldest of a family of brothers big in the 90’s.

Films that have not succeeded at the box office

After that came the success of Lost, and during their shoot, their participation in a couple of movies as Aces hot, Speed Racer or Vantage Point/In point of look, which some of you may remember because it also appeared in it, Eduardo Noriega, and the film centered its plot in an attack perpretado in the Plaza mayor of Salamaca.


We were in the year 2008, and after Missing two years later, Fox began to accumulate papers, small but with some presence. For example, in Alex Cross (2012), where it gave life to Picasso, a MMA fighter who called attention to their appearance.

Then come two small characters in both movies apocalíticas: World War Z and Extinction.

After this, the final film in his filmography dates 2015, Bone Tomahawka western-tinged horror of author.

What has happened to that did not have a continuity in Hollywood? In this article, Looper argue some reasons. Between them, the bad taste of mouth left by the end of Lost on some fans; the failures of the ticket office that it was their first movie after the series, or a couple of altercations that had caused him to be accused of hitting women and that damaged his public profile.

Currently, Fox live away from the life of Hollywood, and no apparent willingness to resume the action.