Evangeline Lilly confesses that she wants to be in a movie of ‘Star Wars’


Evangeline Lilly it is one of the main stars of the film Ant-Man and the Wasp, playing one of the protagonists, The Wasp, in the recent film, which premiered a few weeks ago. The actress was admitted to the Marvel CInematic Universe with the series Ant-Man 2015 and The Lord of The Rings in 2013, with The Hobbit:The Desolation os Smaug.

The actress won several fans during this time, which are now with the desire to see the star in one of the movies Star Wars, that is one of the films most successful of all time. The series gained even more strength under the ownership of Disney, and even the actress herself admitted to have many wanting to be in one of the movies of the saga and admitted to having made calls to find their way into the franchise.

“When j. J. [Abrams] was announced for the first time that I was going to do his first film of The war of the galaxies, I walked up to his producing partner, for the first time since lost ended, I never applied for anything before, and I said:’ do you Want to be Leia? Make Me Leia! “, said Lilly at the Fan Expo Boston.

It is likely that Lilly has this place in the movie for playing princess Leia, the death of Fisher in 2016 will not prevent the character has to disappear from the story. Abrams said that they have found a way to honor the legacy and the role of Carrie as Leia in Episode IX with the use of unpublished images that they recorded together in episode VII.

This is not to say that Lilly won’t have a chance in the series yet, since the director of The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson you already have a trilogy of movies on the way. The Co.creators of the great series Game of Thrones they are also developing a series of films and Jon Favreau is producing a series of live television. We will watch to see if the wishes of the actress really can be made.