Come to an end in June


Documentaries and series being released in the pandemic

MADRID (EFE).— The international phenomena “13 Reasons Why”, “Dark” and “The 100” coming in June to your craved recent seasons, and their debut “The Great”, with Elle Fanning turned Catherine the Great, “Why women kill” and a documentary of Disney in six episodes that reveals how he became a “Frozen 2”.

“The Great”. Dramatic comedy satirical of time, written by Tony McNamara, follows in the footsteps of Catherine the Great young , fun and irreverent, that you try to get rid of her husband Peter III clumsy ruler of a state full of traitors.

Decided to take the power, Catherine the Great went, to the death of the tsar, being an outsider to the empress that more time would occupy the throne of Russia, 34 years old, and one of the most powerful figures of history.

“Why Women Kill”. The director of “desperate housewives”, Marc Cherry, is the responsible of this black comedy that follows three women from different eras who lived in the same house and in whose marriage there was infidelity.

HBO will launch the first full season (which we do not often do) that will be starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Lucy Liu, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who will interpret to a housewife of the sixties, a woman of high society in the eighties and a lawyer present.

“Into The Unknown: Frozen 2”. This documentary series of six episodes of Disney+ will lead the audience to get into the skin of the actors Kristen Bell (Anna), Idina Menzel (Elsa), Josh Gad (Olaf), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff), Sterling K. Brown (Lieutenant Mattias) and Evan Rachel Wood (Iduna), as well as in the head of the director, screenwriter, and creative director Jennifer Lee to learn first-hand how it became the kingdom of Arendelle, in a race against the clock to deliver the film on time.

“The Head”. After the jump international with “The house of paper”, Álvaro Morte share deal with an international cast in this series directed and produced by spaniards, which places the characters at the international space station Polaris VI, in Antarctica, where they will have to keep the base in operation during the long polar night.

One day, in the middle of the winter, the station ceases to communicate with the outside world and the other characters in this thriller directed by Jorge Dorado will have to find out what has happened to their peers over six episodes.

“I May Destroy You”. Three years after the movement “#MeToo” in the Uk, Michaela Coel creates this fiction that addresses directly and provocatively with the issue of sexual consent today.

Coel, icon of this movement, is drugged one night in London during an appointment. The fact the it takes to rethink the topic of sexual consent and the new ways of relating by dating through mobile applications. Reassemble the pieces to know what happened that night and how to report something that is naturalized will be the storyline of this fiction.

“13 Reasons Why”. The series of Netflix, apparently a teenager that became a success due to the hardness of the issues involved, like bullying and all the problems that entails, or the suicide of Hannah Baker in the first season, comes to an end.

After the murder of the Bryce Walker, rapist of Hannah and Jessica, the students of the final year of the Liberty High prepare for graduation. However, before it is separated should be to keep hidden a dangerous secret and make decisions that will change their lives.

“The 100”. Throughout six seasons, the 100 have done everything possible to survive on Earth, but nothing has worked.

Now, after 125 years travelling through space, Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia and the other protagonists will have to fight for their lives and the future of humanity on a new planet, where they hope to begin again and to live finally in peace.

“Dark”. Coinciding with the date of the final Apocalypse of the series, “Dark” comes to its end. Fiction German created by Baran bo Odar and Jantse Friese tells the story of four families in the small village of Winds, in the disappearing children in strange circumstances.

Time travel and parallel worlds hold the plot of this series that left its followers with the question of who is that girl identical to Martha after seeing her die in earlier episodes.

“Genus By Sthephen Hawking”. A documentary series of six episodes on science for National Geographic, in which professor Stephen Hawking challenges to volunteers and the viewer to think about how the geniuses of the past to resolve difficult issues, and constants of humanity.

The documentary is about the molecular biology, astrophysics and quantum mechanics where you will use large-scale experiments and various ways of responding to all those issues.

“Dear…”. Docuserie that adopts an original approach and cinematic biographies of some of the most emblematic figures of today’s society through the use of letters written by those whose lives were changed through their work.

Each episode of this series, which you can view on Apple TV, features leaders recognized internationally as Oprah Winfrey, Gloria Steinem, or Spike Lee, among others.