Wizard in a mechanic’s shop to the success of “Lost,” as the heroine Kate: the life of movie Evangeline Lilly


On August 3, 1979 in Fort Saskatchewan, a small city was born Nicole Evangeline Lilly. It was the middle of three sisters, his father was a professor of economics, and his mother a secretary. In that universe, the performance seemed to not be a target.

Evi, as they knew all, journeyed through the teen years with all the win. It was good in studies, is highlighted in the sports and took part in the Student Center of the high school. In addition I read a lot -I loved Tolkien-wrote and everything I dreamed of being the protagonist, and the author of great stories. However, I did not want to be an actress, much less a Hollywood star. Your immediate present was on the other side of the world.

With a strong religious education to the age of 18 set out with a group of mates on a mission in the Philippines. They lived on backpacking in the jungle, almost like training for the role that would make her famous. That time he remembered that “she loved nature, was not a girl who had to wear a lot of makeup to leave the house”.

While I imagined a future linked to the humanitarian assistance was noted in the career of International Relations. To pay for your education, appeared early jobs: waitress, hostess, and even an assistant in a mechanic workshop. “To do oil changes on trucks in the canadian winter was hard”had, and it is not difficult to imagine. Until a chance encounter changed his fate. An employee of the Agency Ford Models saw her on the street and offered him a job. Eight months later she returned the call.

Then some ads started to appear the first papers as an extra, in series such as Smallville or Kingdom Hospital. She began to discover the actress that I never knew I had inside. Until a friend passed him the data and he was one of the 70 actresses who auditioned for the role of Kate Austen in Lost. Feature that J. J. Abrams and Damian Lindelof, the creators of the series, or well they knew that the role was hers. When we passed the script, Lilly did not like at all what he represent, I felt that it was a mixture of the The blue lagoon with a version serious Gilligan’s island. But Abrams and Lindelof had kept a few aces under the sleeve that is turned to Lost in a series that marked a period.

Her character, Kate Austen was a passenger particular the tragic flight 815 of Oceanic Airlines that crashed in the Pacific. Had a hard life story and loaded with a fact sheet that required her to travel handcuffed to the seat of his official custody. The accident released to Kate in many ways, it was the opportunity of a new life, in which all began from zero and quickly showed his cards. Cunning, brave, but also vulnerable and, to your spite, very amorous. An attractive physical and spiritual that captivated the hearts of the two leaders that emerged after the tragedy: the doctor Jack Shephard, and the con-man Sawyer.

Evi was so pleased with the first seasons that he was even dispense with many of the scenes that required a double. Their ability to climb trees, derived from its regular practice of sport climbing, earned him the nickname of “Monkey” among his colleagues, although more of a headache between their heads. In a opportunity, reported that a stunt coordinator of action is not protected enough in one of the scenes. “I felt that I wanted to put in my site by confront him. It was how to adapt myself to his power or to hurt me myself,” he told the distance, somewhat repentant for his youthful zest but proud of your courage.

It was not the only problem brought about by the series. During the first seasons, everything was harmony. I was happy, surprised with the success, trapped in a plot that did not give truce and satisfied with her role of heroine-independent. With the time, felt that this role was reduced each time more of sexy girl that were fighting the seductive Jack and Sawyer. “My character happened to have his own story, to devote himself to follow the men across the island, and that angered me a lot,”acknowledged, and regretted having lost the opportunity of becoming an example for women to follow. “I wanted it to be better, because it was an icon of autonomy and power for women, and I’m sure we could have done better”.

His green eyes, his body worked and the aura of mystery that surrounded his character led to consider the actress most sexy of the television. But she was not happy with such a label and one day he said “here I came”. During the third season, I had to star in a naked and was cornered. “I felt I had no voice or vote in the whole thing and I ended up shaking and crying”, told in an interview. The following season, again the script called for a nude of Kate, and she raised her voice. “I fought very hard to have the control over it and I failed miserably”, accepted. It was enough and he confronted those who wanted to hear it: “I told them they could write what they darn well please, but I never went back to remove the clothes. And so I did”. The impetus of Kate had done for him.

The series caused a furore at the global level. However, there is a consensus among its fans that lasted more than recommended. “With the fourth season I did what I could to keep hooked, but for the fifth, and the sixth was lost,” confessed the actress, who before the rumors of a possible continuity, made it clear that she would not follow.

On the personal level, Lilly was faced with the series recently separated from Murray Honean ice hockey player with the one who was married just a year. In the filming she fell in love with Dominic Monaghan, the actor who played the endearing and tormented Charlie. They had so little in common in fiction that no one believed that they were couple in real life. Their discrete profiles, far from the flashes added more riddles to the question. What is concrete is that they were together for five years and there was even a dribble of marriage.

After the break with Dominic, she found the love in Norman Kali, a production assistant, with whom he has two children.

Evangeline Lilly came to the casting of the series being an absolute unknown and left the series in love and, very reluctantly, to be a celebrity. He was so exhausted that made gestures of correction with definitively abandon the action. After a time of disconnection, he was able to accommodate his ideas and returned to the old ways.

“I would not seek to be a movie star or sought to fetter papers”, he explained then. You needed a proposal, helpful to tempt her, and he came from the hand of The hobbit: the desolation of Smaug. “I thought I was finished, but the 13 year-old girl in me wanted to do that movie,” he acknowledged. There was Tauriel, a huge challenge for which she trained in fencing and archery, and embarked on the adventure of the languages of the elf, created nothing more and nothing less, than by Tolkien, the idol of his adolescence.

In 2015 landed in the Marvel universe to form part of Ant-Man with the character of “The Wasp”, the Wasp. Her performance was so strong, that the sequel was titled The Ant-Man and The Wasp. For the first time, a female character was part of the title of a movie of the giants of the comic book. There, too, the actress had something to say.

In an interview for the promotion made a curious observation. “I’ve been listening to superheroes boys complaining for years of their costumes. And what is true is that when I got mine and I used to spend hours each day working with him has not found it as bad as they said”told before launching a dart with a gender perspective. “Does that mean that my outfit was the most comfortable of the Marvel universe, or perhaps that men do not carry all your life having to suffer discomfort to be handsome? I have to go with tacos to work, I’m uncomfortable all day, so I can bring this suit without complaining“. Touché.

With the time, Lilly was solving their conflicts with the performance when finished to understand as a job, well enough paid to live without any financial concerns and be able to develop their true passions. “The family, write and devote myself to humanitarian work are much more important to me than acting. That doesn’t change the gratitude I feel for the interpretation.”

In 2013 published “The Squickerwonkers”, his first book of short stories based on characters that he began to think of a teenager. “It’s dark and creepy, and is a morality tale”, described on the first of a series that still not had her then. His side in solidarity explores in travel to Africa, where aid to orphans and single mothers, and enjoy coming back for a while to anonymity.
In the present, Lilly participates in the tank of Marvel Avengers: Endgame and by 2020, prepares his return to television. Will be the star and executive producer of Albedoa series of canadian plot futuristic where you play a detective. Nearly a decade after the end of Lost you will return to the small screen, knowing that the series was life-changing but not changed the essence.