This is the distribution of topics of the Gala 12 of ‘operación Triunfo’


‘OT 2020’ has given us the gift Gala 11 to the height of the circumstances. Not only have we been able to see to act to the contestants, but also to Eli Rosex, Nick Maylo and, of course, the great Paul Lopez. We were faced with a program key, because who would know who would be the first finalists of this amazing edition.

After the painful expulsion of Bruno, it was time to choose. Nia and Hugo were the two chosen by the jury, after applauding not only their performance but also that of Maialen and Flavio. After this, only was a free spot at the moment. The cloister of professors of the Academy of ‘OT 2020’ decided that the chosen for the occasion were nothing more and nothing less than Eva.

Thus, we are faced with a Gala 12 of the most special. Nia, Hugo and Eva have secured their place in the final. The other two that are available that are played between Maialen, Flavio, Samantha and, of course, Anaju. Among them is the name of the last two finalists of this edition of the tv program.

Be that as it may, the distribution of the topics of the Gala 12 ‘OT 2020’ is the most special and unique. The three of them completely saved for a week as the quality of finalists, we have a completely different perspective. The other four participants will fight until the last breath, so that your sleep does not turn off. I’ll tell you what songs will be interpreted!


‘Lay all your love on me’ by ABBA



The finalists will sing with artists inviados

Nia and Blas Sang: ‘Today I want you’, by Miguel Gallardo

Hugo and Miki Nuñez: ‘Me vale’, of Miki Núñez

Eva and The Blue House: ‘The moment’, of The Blue House


Anaju: ‘Nana of the mediterranean’, in Maria Jose Llergo


Samantha: ‘Something’s Got a Hold on Me’ from Christina Aguilera


Maialen: ‘If you go’, of Extremoduro


Flavio: ‘Vi’, Pablo López



Nia, Anaju and Samantha: ‘RIP’, Sofia Reyes, Rita Ora and Anitta


Maialen and Hugo: ‘Goodbye dad’, of The Ronaldos


Eva and Flavio: ‘Hey Baby’ by Bruce Channel


Since then Nia, Hugo and Evaas finalists of ‘OT 2020’, and have a real gift to be able to shine as ever on stage. Maialen, Flavio, Samantha and Anajufor their part , have a unique opportunity to fight for those two seats at the end or, on the contrary, say goodbye to the program. And what can be done with the head very high!

We have arrived at a edition in which the level is absolutely spectacular. Any of them can, perfectly, to get into the final. His talent and his devotion to the music is absolutely innate and undeniable. It only remains for us to enjoy not only of this Gala 12, but what light that is left to say farewell to an edition full of magic.