Reveal horrible image of the leg of quarterback Alex Smith


After two years of the quarterback Washington Redskins, Alex Smith, to suffer one of the injuries most dramatic in the recent history of the NFL, las images of how it was his right leg are starting to arise.

In an image taken from a promotional documentary of the recovery that took out the quarterback, you can see his leg covered in pustulas of blood ground, and pus, which have a coloured crimson and black.

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The image, as pointed to by the portal Sports Illustratedwas taken days after that Smith underwent a surgery to fix the compound fracture of tibia and fibula, right, who suffered in 2018, after a tackleada left caught his leg.

The area became infected rapidly, so that subsequently took a risk that they had to amputate, as acknowledged by the same player in subsequent interviews.

Smith recovered completely from the surgery and also of the infection. It now plans to return to play for the season of 2020 NFL.

The documentary of his recovery will be broadcast on ESPN in the united States.

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