Criticism of ‘Reaching your dream’: when Elle Fanning became a pop star


When you think of Elle Fanning sure we remember the important race that has been building since a very young girl, in part, by the legacy of her older sister Dakota. But it is necessary to remember also that Elle, of only 21 years, has worked hand-in-hand of filmmakers such as Alejandro González-Iñárritu, Sofia Coppola or J. J. Abrams thanks to his innate talent and unmistakable photogenic. In ‘Reaching your dream’, Elle not only acts and sings, but also dances and speaks in Polish. Without a doubt, we are facing one of the faces with the highest projection in Hollywood.

Elle Fanning on 'Reaching your dream'.

Elle Fanning on ‘Reaching your dream’.

Reaching your dream’ it is a musical drama directed by the also actor Max Minghella, who makes his debut in the chair of director after an auspicious step for the world of television. Here, Elle is the incarnation of Violet Valenski, a teenage girl shy living in a small town in England, and which finds in the music of their output to their castrante routine, with his mother, Marla. So that, along with a former tenor come to less, the young woman apply for a television program in the style of ‘American Idol’ to try her luck and get out of the stifling atmosphere in which he lives.

As you develop the film we see a project sustained in the talent of Fanning, and, above all, thanks to the freshness of its narrative and audiovisual project. Recorded with an own aesthetics of music video, ‘Reaching your dream it is worth of performances choreographed and a striking use of neon lights that hardly go unnoticed. In addition, to reinforce this idea, Minghella incorporates pop songs that the own Elle reversiona as part of the soundtrack.

But if visually we are in front of a movie captivating, what really keeps us hooked to the story is the irrefutable talent of Elle, who manages to give a personality and interest to your character. Although it is a small town girl who dreams of escape, is also a rising star with an overwhelming personality.

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