Buffaloed (2020). Movie Zoey Deutch. Trailer


Buffaloed (2020)
Buffaloed (2020)

Buffaloed is starring Zoey Deutch and directed by Tanya Wexler

Peg Dahl (Zoey Deutch) is a young woman who dreams of going to College and then earn money and to leave behind his life in one of the poorest areas of his city. Smart and biting, when you finally get the acceptance from the University you want to go, you realize that you will be unable to afford the cost of their studies. It is then when you decide to begin to seek ways of financing that will result in imprisonment and meet a collector of debts that will change your life forever. (FILMAFFINITY)Cast: Zoey Deutch, Judy Greer, Jai Courtney,

BUFFALOED Official Trailer (2020) Zoey Deutch, Comedy Movie HD