After all! Khloé Kardashian formalized its change of face


The famous socialite, Khloé Kardashianduring the past few days has faced an avalanche of criticism against him. All the signs lie in the drastic change of appearance, because many of his followers claim that “each month has a new face”. Despite the negative comments from many haters, the entrepreneur decided to make a deaf ear and continue with your life full of eccentricities.

It all started when the daughter of Kris Jennerpublished through his official account of Instagramtwo photos “close up” of his face, the last 22 of may of the present year, at all hours of the night. The photo that racked up over 5 million “likes”, also was full of comments that attacked the physical appearance of Khloé. After that the entrepreneur will explode through the Twitter platform, many thought he would be away from the Internet.

Your face is already official!

Opposite case, as Khloé Kardashianlike many other celebrities, it has continued to be active in their social networks, with the end not to move away from its over 112 million followers on the platform of the snapshot. After ensuring that “it was his life” and that nobody knew as much as the media claimed, he decided to formalize the change of their faces.

To consolidate its new image, the sister of Kim Kardashiandecided to post another photo that is most similar to the last, where he wrote “The Thursday most Monday of all time”. Three images that left more of a fanatic out of breath and managed to capture nearly 1 million comments. It is worth noting, that in the first image in the media, until his former spouse, Tristan Thompson he commented, an action that only added more fuel to the fire.

The changes did not end here, as Khloé Kardashian, strengthened its figure by changing your profile photo. Action from almost any user of the social network of Instagram is usually making the light, unlike the post newspaper or of the story, the initial image, better known as “avatar” turns out to be the most difficult decision for many, and that would be a part of a letter of presentation before the other users who do not know or follow the celebrity.