The Last of Us 2, GTA 5 on the Epic Games Store and the Snyder’s Cut of Justice League in the SuperShow


¡Thursday SuperShow! We came back with what has given rise to the filing of The Last of Us: Part II.


Welcome to one more week at the SuperShow on 3DJuegos! A large part of today’s program, today the cup the State of Play of The Last of Us: Part 2. The new gameplay and all the data provided by Sony help us to learn new details that is, without a doubt, one of video games most anticipated of this year. What has seemed to you? Don’t hesitate on these days in the comments.

We analyze the gameplay of The Last of Us Part 2 in the SuperShowToday, continues with the gifts of the Epic Games Store the past few days. Is there a ceiling for the gifts of Epic? How can you become a worthy rival of Steam to blow games for free? We take advantage of the news of the DotEmu and Quantic Dream to talk about what we expect of the future projects of the developers of Streets of Rage 4 and Heavy Rain, respectively.


What seems to us the Snyder’s Cut of Justice League? What will be the height?We close today’s program with the confirmation of the Snyder Cut of Justice Leaguea victory for the community that could change forever the re-runs film in the territory of the streaming. What is known about the film? How will they to shoot all you need Snyder to make reality your most ambitious project? You what we have in the program this week.

The SuperShow this week has counted with the presence of Alberto Pastor, Alvaro Castellano and Toni Piedrabuena. The technical control has been evaluated by Pedro Herrero. The SuperShow of 3DJuegos hangs all Thursday at nooncet.

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