Not all is Dark: great new releases coming in June


Do you urge for new series and movies? Look what are the best new releases in streaming June, and weapon marathons at home.

Another month of quarantine begins, but with it come new series and movies that will thrill to your day. We present to you the best new releases in streaming in June to write down on the calendar and don’t miss out on the track.

New releases streaming June 2020

Dear… – June 5

Are you sick of seeing bad news? Well, it’s time to get a dose of inspiring stories with this documentary series. Through letters, tells the story of ten iconic figures, and the people that changed you life with your work.

Available at: Apple TV+.

The President – 5 June

New releases streaming June 2020 also bring this series which deals with the famous “FIFA Gate” happened in 2015.

Located in Latin america, the united States and Europe, The President continues to this scandal sports corruption through the story of Sergio Jadue, the president of a small club of soccer of Chile.

Available at: Prime Video.

5 bloods – June 12

The winners of the Oscar no longer afraid of digital platforms. This month you’ll be able to see the new Spike Lee that focuses on four ex-combatants-americans.

They have to return to Vietnam in search of the remains of the leader of his squadron and who died in combat. However, they face several obstacles and live the ravages caused by the war.

Available at: Netflix.

I may destroy you – June 15,

HBO always brings productions that addresses important topics and current. In new releases streaming June brings this production that explores the sexual consent in contemporary life.

Located in London, the story focuses on Arabella, a girl is sure of herself who enjoys his friends, his boyfriend and his career as a writer. However, is sexually assaulted in a bar and begins to re-evaluate his entire life.

Available at: HBO Go.

AHS: Seasons 1 to 8 – June 15

New releases streaming June 2020 also bring one of the anthological series most famous of all: American Horror Story.

So you can relive all the horror stories that went through a haunted house, an insane asylum, a coven of witches, a circus, a hotel, a farm, a cult and even in the very revelation.

Available at: Prime Video.

Love of Cat – June 18

You do many crazy things for love, but would you be willing to transform into a cat? Well, that is just what happens to ran down miyo Sasaki, who is in love with a classmate.

One day he finds a mask magic that allows him to transform into a feline, and thus manages to get closer to your crush. However, one day he discovers that he can return to his human form.

Available at: Netflix.

The Great – June 18

Among the new releases streaming June 2020 comes a real showpiece. And is that the screenwriter of the acclaimed film The Favorite decided to go with this style, satirical, and comical to count the rise of Catherine the Great.

Played by Elle Fanning, we’ll see how this woman went from being a nobody to the woman ruler with the longest reign in the history of Russia.

Available at: Starz Play.

The Red Wasp – June 19

Among the new releases streaming June 2020 also comes this film starring Penelope Cruz, and with the performances of Gael García Bernal and Ana de Armas.

The story is set in Havana during the 90’s and follows a group of cuban spies who come to Miami to infiltrate the groups opposed to Fidel Castro.

Available at: Netflix.

Dark Season 3 – June 27

The acclaimed series German is another of the new releases streaming June 2020. This will be the last cycle, so get ready to continue weaving this story with different time lines and characters.

Available at: Netflix.

I’ll be gone in the dark – June 28

For some strange reason we love documentaries and movies about serial killers. If this is your case, the month ends with this mini-series.

This is based on the book of the same name written by Michelle McNamara, who made an arduous research about a man who terrorized California in the 70’s and 80’s and called it “The Golden State Killer”.

Available at: HBO.

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