Kris Jenner and the curious rule that must comply with the boyfriends of the Kardashian


It may be the member least in the media family Kardashian in our country, however, it is precisely thanks to it that his five daughters have become today a global phenomenon. Work in the shade, with the Kris Jenner has managed to create a term to the extent of his post: momager (mother + manager). Since you’re tearing the issuance of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the matriarch of the clan care has been taken to detail each of the public appearances of Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylielike the different elements that surrounding their personal lives and work. Perhaps for this reason, and with the goal of protecting the legacy of his own, Kris Jenner, no doubt look with a magnifying glass to the suitors of his daughters; that each one of the guys who are closer to them must meet an important requirement.


We have seen starring photo sessions together to your daughters and granddaughters, control perched Kendall Jenner on the carpet of the Met Gala or hack the account of Kylie Jenner to promote your beauty brand. Different strategies marketing, maternal with a common goal: to ensure that your family remains at the center of the news. And is that, in addition to protecting the careers of his five daughters, Kris Jenner, knows that a false step, linked with their personal lives, you can throw away years of hard work. Couples included. That’s why, the matriarch pays special attention to the suitors that come to her daughterssomething that just confirmed to a source close to the family in statements to The Sun.


According has revealed to this person, any man who wants to go out with his daughters have to sign a contract with which they promise to not “curse” to the Kardashian when the end of the relationship. “It is basically a non-disclosure agreement, of approximately 100 pages”, explains this. But not only that. Similarly, Kris Jenner, is in charge of seizing the right of the images you have taken during your relationship so that they cannot see the light once the union sentimental. “Basically can’t sell stories or speak ill of them in public” adds the source. Strict conditions that they know their daughters. In fact, if her suitors refuse to sign this curious contract, may not leave together.