The children of ‘Twelve in the house,’ get together (quite grown-up) to recreate scenes from the movie


Quarantine coronavirus is being also the quarantine of nostalgia. Since many actors are confined in their houses with nothing to do we are living meetings epic in all the social networks. Many of the reunions are organized for a good cause, as are the actions organized by Josh Gad, who this Sunday will gather via video to the cast of ‘the Lord of The Rings’. And now some family from the early 2000’s has decided to contribute its grain of sand.

'Twelve at home'

This is the cast of ‘twelfth house’, the 2003 film starring Steve Martin and a bunch of kids. But time passes for everyone, and the children are very grown-up. The video starts with Brent and Shane Kinsman, the twins that we saw in ‘desperate housewives’ and have not returned to acting since then. After them follow other members of the young cast as Hilary Duff or Alyson Stoner, and even Bonnie Hunt, who played the matriarch.

The video has been shared by Piper Perabo, who played the eldest daughter, and is made to raise funds for the charity No Kid Hungry, which tries to eradicate hunger among american children.

Many familiar faces

Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt were the parents of this large family that starred in two films, ‘Twelve in the house,’ and ‘Twelve out of home’, both of which are available in Disney+. More than 15 years later, the cast of both films is full of familiar faces: in addition to Duff or Perabo were Tom Welling (‘Smallville’), Eugene Levy (‘Schitt”s Creek’), Carmen Electra, Taylor Lautner, or Alan Ruck (‘Succession’).

Though some of the children have been made by the way of interpretation and have not returned to work since years agoas the Kinsman, Jacob Smith, Morgan York Forrest Landis.