Selma Blair says goodbye to her mother Molly Cooke


*The mother of the actress passed away last Saturday the 82-year-old

“My first person. My deepest heart still beats with what you have given me. I adore you, mom. Molly Cooke died yesterday. In the house of her. She was formidable, funny, fast, bold, and generous. Often taking off his shirt in the back, a trait that I have adopted. Gifts of itself”, wrote the actress on their social networks as a farewell message, which was accompanied with a picture with your mom in a wedding dress.

Immediately, thousands of comments accompanied her and gave her condolences to the actress of Hellboy and The Sweetest Thing (who by the end of 2018 was announced that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis), among which highlighted Michelle Pfeiffer, Reese Witherspoon, Mia Farrow and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who has been his intimate friend in the last few years.

“My mother was a judge bright and one of the only women in her law class. She was my first icon of style, my muse, my prize. All my life I was pending of the prize. And, now, it is a very strange feeling to soften my look. He had many friends and admirers, cousins, nieces (and a nephew), a sister, a son-in-law. Above all, she had us, her children, her grandchildren, Jim, Nicholas, Frances and Arthur Saint. My sisters and I love them very much. Our lives will never be the same,” added Blair.

The actress was grateful to her mother for the relationship he had with his son Arthur, with whom he has shared moments in their fight against the disease.

“Mom, Arthur you understood so sweetly and I am grateful and pleased that you love. I would like to be able to pay homage at home, to be in the company of my sisters: Lizzie, Katie, Mimi. Thank you for your love and your loyalty. Usually, it is when the girls are together as sisters, when we can better show what original you were, mom. I embrace you from here. Oceans of love, baby bear, the holy original”, added to the touching dedication.

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