‘Mad Max’: Charlize Theron not take part in the prequel of Angry – movie News


The director of the franchise, George Miller, revealed that among his plans is not to bring back Charlize Theron to the tape centered in the past of Furious.

A day like today, but five years ago came to the big screen Mad Max: Fury on the way, one of the films most praised of the last five years (and maybe decade) for the freshness he injected the long-lived franchise, helped by a strong story, special effects, extraordinary and a super deal. Without a doubt, a feat of which we are still hoping to have more news about future projects set in this universe.

Just to commemorate the occasion, the director of the series: George Miller (Mad Max), gave a few words to The New York Times in which just talks about the prequel centered on Furious that you have planned from a long time ago, but due to conflicts with Warner Bros. as for other commitments has not been able to perform. The bad news is that among his plans is not to include Charlize Theron to interpret again to Ragingbecause they want to dig into the past of the character and to do this you would prefer to select a girl of around 20 years in place to use the technology to rejuvenate the actress south african:

“For a long time, I thought that we could use the rejuvenation of CG in Charlize, but I don’t think we’re near that yet. Despite the valiant attempts of The irish, I think there is still a mystery valley. All are on the verge of solve it, in particular the japanese designers of video games, but I think that there is still a valley wide enough.”

From a long time ago we share with you some of the rumors that roamed the prequel, and that had to do with possible approaches with actresses such as Jodie Eat, and Anya Taylor-Joyhowever , time has not been announced to the interpreter who will be responsible to carry the enormous weight of being Furious. Before that these plans are carried out, Miller will have to finish his commitment with the tape: Three Thousand Years of Longing, which directs and writes, but the advance had to be stopped due to the pandemic: “After we finish, and hopefully everything stabilizes with the pandemic, we will see what allows us to make the world Angry.”

Even so, to continue celebrating the first five years of life Mad Max: Fury on the way, Theron shared through their social networks, some photos behind the camera unpublished in her during the filming of the aforementioned movie. A gem for fans of the saga.