Charlize Theron will not return as Furious in its prequel


Mad Max: Fury Road, George Miller, will be spin-off of Furious, a role which she played Charlize Theron in 2015. However, although the tape will also serve as a prequel for the character, the actress will not return to police force.

The news gave it to Miller, who said that as the prequel will tell the past of the character, they need an actress younger than Theron. Although today some films use the de-aging (rejuvenation virtual), this is not an option for Furious.

Mad Max: Fury Road. Furious. Source: Nerdist

An example of this resource is The irish, where Al Pacino, Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci were younger. However, this earned him some negative criticism to the tape.

“I thought that we could use the de-aging in Charlize, but I don’t think that happens. Despite the attempts of The irish, it is still within the limits of the effect of ‘mystery valley’ (discomfort over the mixing of the robotic with the human). This is a problem that is nearly solved, but there is still a long way to achieve it,” said Miller to the portal Variety.

Mad Max: Fury Road. Furious. Source: IGN

This is not to say that the prequel of Angry is cancelled, but only that Theron will not participate in it. Even, it is ensured that there is already a script almost ready.

According to Miller, for the filming of Fury Road, written stories of background for all the characters. However, the Raging was so well built, that became in a script itself, which will be the basis for the prequel.

Also, Colin Gibson, designer for the production of Fury Road, mentioned that for this used 135 vehicles, but for the prequel of Angry is will need many more.

Finally, there is not yet a actress chosen to play the young man Furious, but it is thought that Anya Taylor-Joy could be the chosen one after having had a video call with Miller.

Mad Max. Source: Business Inside