Movies of video games that came to the cinema


Beyond the video game

Taking this into account, it is normal that in the last few years we have seen more than a movie inspired by video gamesso let’s go over some of the films most talked about that took as a basis the story of a video game. Because yes, there is more than one, and you have seen several of them in the film.

The problem is that having a good story does not guarantee that we will enjoy an awesome movie, because throughout history we’ve hit over a film of dubious quality. Between the best and the worst, we’re going to do a review of movies based on video games that have attracted greatest attention in recent years.

Mortal Kombat

The fighting game that forced them to create an age-rating for video games could not miss in this list, because, due to the pull of the media that generated the game, a thinking mind believed that it would be ideal to take it to the big screen. Among the actors we met with Christopher Lambert, who played the role of Raiden, and of course, unveiled to the legendary soundtrack to the scream of ” Mortal Kombat!


Final Fantasy: The Inner Force

This film was quite special, not just for trying one of the games with the highest number of fans, but because the film itself was generated entirely by computer, and got some spectacular results to date. Unfortunately the criticism was not very good with it, especially the followers of the saga, which saw no major relationships with the history of Final Fantasy. Luckily, years later it launched Final Fantasy: Advent Children, which continues the story of FFVII, hogging the best criticism.


Resident Evil

One of the games that best will have gone in the film is the Resident Evil series, as with the actress Milla Jovovich as Alice Abernathy, have been shot no less than six different movies. In all of them the plot revolves around the dreaded virus T, which transforms people into zombies. Go novelty, right?


Prince of Persia

Another of the games that surprised making the leap to the big screen was Prince of Persia. The series was already losing strength, and this project appeared with a big budget and with Jake Gyllenhaal as the protagonist. The result was quite good and full of a lot of action, but not served to save the video game of his demise.


Silent Hill

Yes, if there is one theme in particular that might convince you of the video game the movies is the fear, especially the terror is psychological, and that Silent Hill has a chance. The film not that it was a box-office success especially, but the fans of the game will be able to find many references and similarities to the dreaded village of the mist and its terrifying creatures. And yes, head pyramid makes its star appearance.



Your ad revolutionized the lovers of Warcraft. The fantastical world of Orcs and Humans came to life is a spectacular production that was huge in budget and limited in what results are concerned. Looked good, but there were scenes that seemed a joke in bad taste. Pity.


Sonic the Hedgehog

How to forget Sonic. The hedgehog more famous in the world of video games premiered movie but not before starring in a huge stir around the world with a trailer that generated such poor reviews that the producers were forced to delay the premiere to re-design the look of Sonic. Luckily, even with the delay, the result was at the height of what is expected.


Tomb Raider

The adventurer’s most well-known video games took especual popularity when Angelina Jolie gave life in the first two movies, 2001 and 2003. Which for many was the true Tomb Raider, ended up retiring to make way for the new generations, and that is when comes into play Alicia Vikander, the current Lara Croft.


Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Nintendo could not miss the opportunity to take advantage of their franchise Pokémon, so I decided to create the first live action film that, surprisingly, achieved spectacular results with which to give life to the wonderful universe of creatures. As a special detail, the voice that gives life to Pikachu in the English version it’s Ryan Reinolds, so that you’ll be able to understand the touch sarcastic (and unexpected) that we are amazed at the Pokémon’s power.


Assasin”s Creed

At some point, someone from Ubisoft thought to make a movie of one his greatest sagas was a great idea. The problem is that not had that in order to maintain the same success they had to continue with the plot that raised the games. The result was a movie with an original script that was based on some of the details of the game. Starring Michael Fassbender and other stars, the film will not be remembered especially, but distracted.


Street Fighter

Jean-Claude Van Damme embody the marine Guille of Street Fighter was something that could only generate good vibrations. If we add to that the presence of Kylie Minogue as Cammy, the result you can be imagining. They raised a lot of money, something that is not contrasted with the popular opinion, which described the film as a film with a script very poor. What they expected?


Super Mario Bros

How can we forget the movie of Super Mario in which nothing seemed to Super Mario? This movie is one of those examples that show when explaining how not to make a movie out of video games. Beyond the leading roles, the worst of the film focuses on a Yoshi that looks like a monster more than a dinosaur adorable and enemies humanoids completely out of context.