Last Night in Soho, Edgar Wright, making his debut on the 23rd of April 2021


Last Night in Soho it has been one of the productions that saw frustrated his arrival at the cinemas, due to the impact of the pandemic coronavirus. Directed by Edgar Wright (Baby Driver, Scott Pilgrim against the world), at the end of the film enjoys a window of release: of time, getting to the big screen the next 23 of April 2021. In the absence of a trailer or advancement that acompaara the announcement, the same Wright has been shared in their social networks an image extrada directly from the film.

Last Night in Soho arrives in April 2021

Scheduled to debut this month of September, Last Night in Soho we saw in the bond of delaying their arrival to the place due to the restrictive measures of the coronavirus. The problem, informs himself Edgar Wright in his tweet, has been that the film has not been able to complete their postproduccin due to the obstacles that he has given the pandemic.

However, not everything is bad: Last Night in Soho account with a new date for the premiere, being on April 23, ao that comes when we can enjoy this thriller psychological. “W is not finished, it is true, due to the COVID-19. But I’m excited for everyone to have the opportunity of experiencing it on a big screen that tengis near, the next April 23, 2021″, wrote the director.

“W is not finished, it is true, due to the COVID-19”

Last Night in Sohostarring Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzieest set in the Soho of London during the cultural movement Swinging Sixties. For the message of Wright, is distilled that it seems that there is some kind of element of time travel involved in the plot, but there is still we do not have more information about it. “Haunted by the past of another person, but we’ll see in the future…”were the enigmticas words that you type Wright.

The own Anya Taylor-Joy, who has previously starred in tapes of terror as The VVitchdescribe recently the film as an almost sensory experience of the genre. “Tape is a claustrofbica and disturbing, and full of intense colors. It’s like taking LSD, but a well-directed” aada Anya. “The funny thing about Wright is that he truly loves the cinema”.

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