Movies such as Moulin Rouge: The 4 fantastic movies that you should see


The life of Elvis will be the theme of the next film Baz Luhrmannthe director of Moulin Rouge!, which was in production before the outbreak of the coronavirus. Still do not know when will resume production and the film still has no name. What we do know is that Austin Butler be construed to Elvis, Maggie Gyllenhaal will play the role of Gladys Prestley –the mom of the singer–, and Tom Hanks will be colonel Tom Park, the manager that controlled every aspect of the life of Presley.

Knowing the style of Baz Luhrmann, insurance will be a production of epic proportions. But in the meantime, we look for 3 movies the australian director and a series that you created for Netflix.

The Get Down

The series of Netflix it was created by Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adly Guirgis. The australian director also directed one of the chapters and wrote eleven of them. The Get Down developed in New York in the seventies, when the city was destroyed by the violence and the poverty. A group of teenagers from the south Bronx only to themselves, but they are armed with verbal creativity, impromptu dances, aerosol cans and markers to paint the streets. From the housing in the Bronx to the art scene of SoHo; from cbgb’s to Studio 54 and passing by the newly built World Trade Center, the series depicts how New York city, on the edge of being in bankruptcy, gave birth to the genres of the hip-hop, punk and disco. This story is told through the lives and music of the teenagers from the south Bronx, who moved to the city and the world forever.

In The Get Down, there are references and real characters to give context to the story. You’ll be able to see the pioneers of hip-hop as: Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa. The series had one season but split into two parts: the first part came out in 2016 and the second in 2017.

Jaden Smith was one of the actors that participated in The Get Down.

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The Great Gatsby

Have already done several adaptations of the novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald to the big screen. But the Baz Luhrmann it has an aesthetic that surrounds you: it is ostentatious, eclectic, a little kitsch and charged, with colors extra bright, but all of these elements together work. He won the Oscar for best costume design and best production design in 2014. And in the adaptation of Baz Luhrmann, Gatsby is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. In the story, Nick Carraway –played by Tobey Maguire– is attracted by the extravagant world of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby. But you will soon realize that all the wealth of Gatsby and all the life decisions that have been taken have been by Daisy Buchanan –paper Carey Mulligan–, an impossible love that was many years ago and is now trying to recover. The Great Gatsby it is a story of love, obsession, madness and tragedy.

This is the second time that Baz Luhrmann adapt a novel for the big screen and the the second time that will work with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.

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Moulin Rouge!!!

There are so many things to love this movie: the music; the costumes; the sets; Paris in the twenties; the forbidden love; the song from Moulin Rouge –Lady Marmalade– Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, Lil’ Kim and Missy Elliot. Everything in this movie was legendary

The story is set in 1899, and Christian –role that makes Ewan McGregor–, a young English writer, has come to Paris to follow the revolution in bohemia that has taken over the underworld of the city filled with drugs and prostitutes. And the epicenter of this underworld is the cabaret Moulin Rouge, where men from all walks of life are going to be entertained by dancers. But everything becomes a chaos for the Christian when he falls in love with the star of Moulin Rouge, Satine –interpreted by Nicole Kidman– whose love is also desired by the pattern of the place: the Duke. A love triangle dangerous begins to develop while Satine and Christian are fighting against all obstacles to be together. But in the end, a force greater than the love will be the one that decides the fate of Satine.

Nicole Kidman as Satine and Ewan McGregor as Christian in Moulin Rouge.

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Romeo + Juliet

It’s definitely not the first time that Shakespeare has been adapted for the screen but perhaps the version of Baz Luhrmann 1996 –that has the original dialogue of the literary work– is the most spoiled. Input your Romeo and Juliet are, nothing more and nothing less, that Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes.

The story you all know: an impossible love between two young people by the intense hatred that exists between their families and a tragic end for the two lovers. The australian director moved the story to a city post-modern called Verona Beach. In this version, the families Capulets and Montagues are two rival gangs. The father of Juliet has an arranged marriage to marry Paris –paper Paul Rudd– as part of a strategic plan of investment. But this plan looks obfuscated by the love that blossoms between Romeo and Juliet at a masquerade party.

The film received a academy award nomination for best art direction and from here we begin to see saturated colors, intense light and visual stimuli in excess –elements that the director will continue to work.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo and Claire Danes as Juliet in Romeo + Juliet.

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