The Kardashian received a new iPhone every week to keep recording during the pandemic


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Did you think that you saw everything? Think again.

The head of production of the popular reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, “let go the soup” during the filming of the series in full quarantine.

Farnaz Farjam said, according to Yahoo! News, that the family is on iPhones new every Monday for filming from their homes. In addition, they have a special room well equipped with lighting and tripods, installed by a technician dressed in a suit of high waterproof protection (whenever you need).

The matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner, was “the master mind” behind the premise of continue recording, making the members of the clan were filmed to themselves. But the initial plan that were filmed on their cell phones and posted them to a shared album, he grew frustrated quickly. This was confirmed by Farjam in an interview published in Elle magazine this week.

“When we saw the material, I thought, ‘Oh, people will get tired of seeing this footage is of poor quality. We needed to get them and confeccionarles suitable spaces,” he said.

For this reason, hired a director of photography, and to a technician that would install “tripods compatible with phones” that are disinfected and taken to rooms with a lot of light in the house of Kim, and Khloé. In fact, “no one enters the room for 24 hours to avoid any possible contamination by COVID-19”.

Furthermore, we confirmed that the security teams of the Kardashians receive new iPhones every Monday and collect that used the previous week.

In total, the editorial department gets approximately 16 hours of footage a week, which is then used to link stories.

The episodes during the confinement are “a little slower than normal”, but the new method of filming is still “entertaining” and promises that “it will be an incredible content for the fans,” said Farjam.

Blocking or non-blocking, the content of this family shows no signs of stopping… At least not in the near future.

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