The eternal conflict: art vs. business


The eternal conflict

The recent victory of the movement #ReleaseTheSnyderCut invites us to reflect on the motivations that have Hollywood to manipulate the artistic side of their authors, even knowing that it always ends in failure. Directors such as Zack Snyder, David Ayer, or Ruben Fleischer can give good proof of the eternal conflict.

There has always been an eternal conflict in the world of art between the creative and the business. The motivations of an author do not always coincide with those of a producer anxious to make money. Would like to go to all possible public, regardless of the vision of the artistic team of the project. Whether through trim time amount to the final product or “soften” the tone of the film (remove the grade of “R”, for example), the producers, in particular the majors, are engaged in to trip constantly with a stone as large and distinguishable that it is insulting to not be able to see it.

The eternal conflict

The most frustrating of all the past years was played by David Ayer and “your” Suicide Squad (I say “his” because of Yesterday only has the name in the credits). The first trailer of the film on the villains of the UCDC outlining a film’s dark, violent, and crude, very much in the line of its director, but Warner was the fear. They considered that they had produced a film restricted to an important sector of the public and decided to modify the film to be to “soft”. Crass error. Suicide Squad ended up being a failure from the critics and the public. Its mediocrity has led to the UCDC to make a new version of the film, this time directed by James Gunn. We had expected to see a film from Yesterday and we have been seeing a slop unacceptable. It served more as a comedy as rugged as tape action.

Following Suicide Squadthe UCDC has been wounded for years. Only Wonder Woman it has been a success among critics and the public, while Aquaman, Birds of Prey or Shazam! have passed without penalty or glory (though the latter were a revelation very interesting). The crude attempt to imitate the UCM has ended in a big mess of hundreds of millions of dollars that you have in Justice League your piece more meaningful.

Despite the fact that they were going a thousand miles an hour to assemble the members of the Justice League on the big screen, Justice League it was presented as a movie, at least, interesting. Directed by Zack Snyder and released just a few months after the success of Wonder Woman, aspired to build a movie universe that from her second movie already limped. New crass error. Justice League it is one of the worst movies in the history of superheroes.

The eternal conflict cinema

We have a director inept trying to emulate a real author; a soundtrack antithetical to the epic themes that Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL had been made up for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice; some characters are poorly written; and a history that verges on parody. And eye, that I have neither commented on the mustache of Henry Cavill. It is a horror movie that ended all hope for the fandom of Batman, Superman and co.

After three years of extensive chronic version, the version of Snyder finally will come to light (although not in theaters, obviously). It is a win bittersweet for part of the art, above that of the majors, but a win in the end. Once again, the dirty hand of producers frustrated stained the image of a director who has spent three years trying to recover what was theirs. We can see Justice League in HBO MAX from 2021. Let’s hope not to have to live one more battle in the eternal conflict that is raging in the art each time it appears.