t.To.T.or : the story behind “All The Things She Said”


Despite the weather, it is still quite fresh memories of the scandal and the impression it left t.To.T.Or, the duo originally from Russia, with the video of “All the Things She Said”, and its consequent effect. However, since much (if not since then) has not heard anything about this pair of young people, who without doubt left a huge scare in the parents conservatives around the world.

First let’s consider that in that it was scandalous that we could see on television was to Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera showing a little “more”. Even, the video of t.To.T.or it came a year before the kiss gay between Spears and Madonna, which was also discussed at the international level because it was something impressive. Although the sexual diversity had been accepted, a presentation lesbian sex on tv it was too much for audiences, but how was born the idea? Was it an act or was it real?

Lena Katina and Julia Volkova

© Francois Durand

t.To.T.or were Lena Katina and Julia Volkova, who participated together in the children’s group Neposedi, before you met Ivan Shapovalov and Alexander Voitinskiy, producers who sought to create a new musical project with teen girls. After you perform a search, it decided to unite the two young people, who had only between 15 and 14 years old. According to a statement of Katina, the idea nation after the producer saw the tape, Show Me Love, which showed a romance between two female high school students.

Their first album was released in 2000, when they were 16 and 15 years, which included the song “Ya Soshla s Uma”, the original Russian version of “All The Things She Said”, accredited mostly to Elena Kiper, who also began working as a producer on the debut album. According to Kiper, the idea came to mind after a dream he had in which he kissed another woman.


Boris Renski, who served as co-manager of the band she thought did not launch the song because he believed that he was not going to be a success in the Russian audience, however, Sapovalov what convinced paying the music video for their account, creating a bet. The song in Russian was published the 19 of December of the year 2000, however, the scandal would not arrive until after that came the music video along with the English version.

In 2002, he was released the second album of t.To.T.or, which is only the English version of his first work, with the video of “All The Things She Said”serving as the principal product for marketing.

The video was intended to make a visual representation of the song, pushing further the idea of lesbianism and sexuality. Video tells the story of two women who are attracted to and want to be together. With rain, the girls in school uniforms and a kiss on the screen, the controversy was inevitable.

Some tv stations refused to show the video, some people in England said that he was content to pedophiles since the girls were under age, and appeared in school uniforms. Even, MuchMusic thought to remove them from your schedule, but later gave a statement in which they stated that the sexualisation in videos, as it did Christina Aguilerasought to cause, and that the video of t.To.T.or not sobresexualizaba to the singers.

The idea of lesbianism continued with “Not Gonna Get Us”whose video was on the previous idea, but despite the success of these two singles, her fame was fading slowly.


Of course, the main question of all was whether the two were a couple, which they denied at all times. In regards to your sexuality, there are other stories.

In the case of Julia Volkova, in various interviews he stated that he was bisexual, stating that even felt drawn to friends. However, in 2014 she participated in a program of contests in which he said some comments homophobic. When questioned about if they would allow your child to be gay, he said that he would because “a man has no right to be gay”. It also stated: “Two girls together, is not the same as two men together. It seems to Me that lesbians have a more aesthetic appearance”.


For its part, Lena Katina it supports various causes related to LGBT rights. The comments of Volkova replied: “God teaches us to live with love, to be tolerant and not judge other people. I think everyone should be free to love who you love and be with whoever you want to spend the rest of your life.”

Lena Katina and Julia Volkova

© Han Myung-Gu

Finally, t.To.T.or (whose name means nothing, just wanted something that sounded cool) was separated in 2011 and since then there has been some fights between the two women. Met on a few occasions, but have decided not to return to work together.