‘Death Stranding’ introduces two new characters and a new gameplay


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'Death Stranding': two new characters and a new gameplay
‘Death Stranding’: two new characters and a new gameplay

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announces that the three trileres of ‘Death Stranding’presented last Monday at the Gamescom 2019 Cologne by famed game developer Hideo Kojima, as they are available with subtitles in Spanish in the the official channel of PlayStation Spain.

The first video present to Breast, character played by the american actress Margaret Qualley, and revel some of his secrets ms personal, both past and present.

Sam Bridges, played by Norman Reedus

In this short trailer of two-minute duration can be see Sam Bridges, the protagonist of ‘Death Stranding’ -and played by the famous actor Norman Reedus-, clearly frightened by the presence of an entity of the ms all in a workshop of Bridges, the company for which he works.

This initial fear soon turns into perplexity when Mama welcomes into its arms the small body stranded and, after calm down, he states that it is his daughter, which still remains connected through a cord invisible.

Shortly after presenting to the Breast, the own Hideo Kojima tom the word, to reflect on the importance of these secondary characters.

“There are many characters that appear in ‘Death Stranding’ and each of them has its own history far removed from the main. In the video we could see that the baby Mama was born on the other side and not in your world, but also are connected to each other, so there is. The story has a sad side, because Mama can’t move from the spot where est because the baby, who is on the other side, prevents it, he explained.

Act followed, and following with the unveiling of new characters, the creator japanese gave way to the trailer of Deadman, a character that has the facial capture of the famous film director Guillermo del Toro.

In this second video, much more revealing than the initial, Sam Bridges located in the premises of your company looking for the help of their own Deadman. Following their advice, Sam connects to BB -the baby that carries throughout the game- an incubatorthrough which reduce the levels of stress of the small.

This device allows you to regulate the state of BB by connecting it to the tero of his mother’s inert, clinically dead, and who is in the ICU of Capital Knot City.

According to explains Deadman along the video, the tero of a mother and inert allows the connection between the world of the dead and BB, which in turn allows Sam to see the bodies stranded in the ms all to be united with the newly born. The explanation, moreover, concludes with a trgica revealing: no BB has managed to live more than a year.

To conclude the presentation also could be seen a new gameplay of six minutes of duration in which the protagonist showed some mecnicas peculiaras you urinate, calm the baby thanks to the motion sensor of the controller DUALSHOCK 4, explore an area inhspita, or set up ladders to climb to different heights. Besides, as a curiosity, the video continue with the presence of mode cameo from Geoff Keighley, presenter of Gamescom.

‘Death Stranding: Collectors edition’

‘Death Stranding’ rub off to the sale the next 8 of November and you can already book through the PlayStation Store and in the usual outlets in four different editions: Standard Edition, Special Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition and Collectors Edition.