‘Zombieland:Kills and finishes off’, another successful writer of Deadpool


Despite the fact that at that time (2009) I really liked the first “Welcome to Zombieland”, I think that my feeling initial before a sequel was: what for?. The success of the first is produced by several elements, the script had a look subversive and parody very original.

It was for zombie movies, what “Deadpool” it has been for the superheroes and what is “Another stupid american comedy” films for the american institute. All accompanied by a design of independent production that made it even more authentic.


Break the clichés established or parody archetypes is always interesting, and even more so if the tape has a rating R or +18. The first sample of the spirit breaker is the list of rules that have the main character, rules to not end up eaten by the zombies, really were clichés with which the leaders parodiaban clichés of the genre, something tricky for the writers because if the protagonists follow the rules was too complicated to be seen in situations of risk. Examples:

Rule #8: Whenever you get into a car, check the back.

Rule #3: don’t be a hero.

Another important element was the cast, figures, primarily of the indie films that have fared pretty well: Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, or Abigail Breslin. Especially Harrelson and Heisenberg fit perfect.

Then comes, on the part of Sony, the sequel to “Zombieland 2: Kills and finishes off”, and although it is hard to believe, is quite fun. The main merit, as in the previous one, will be taken by the screenwritersthey’ve created a sequel that knows what it is and don’t care to show it and make jokes about it.

It is not surprising that the case of the successful writers of the already-iconic “Deadpool”. Precisely, it is for the success of the superhero thug that took 10 years to create the sequel of zombies.

The film is more fun than expected.

The second most important element is, again, the actors. Especially with Zoey Deutch, a great discovery for most, but that takes years doing movies indie, getting it together little by little with higher degrees. Without doubt, the best movie with a character that could be horrible in the wrong hands. On the paper is between squeaky and hilarious. Deutch has hit the nail, it is the best of the tape and we’re going to see a lot more from now on because it really makes it shade to Emma Stone.

The best movies of Zoey that I recommend are “it Had to be him,” with Bryan Cranston and James Franco, “we All want something” from the director of “Boyhood,” “The disaster artist” and more recently in the series of Netflix’s “The Politician”.

The structure, usually works, is not very imaginative but it was enough to create new dynamics between Emma Stone and Eisenberg.

Between Harrelson as Tallahassee and commented Deutch there were several moments in that room started laughing that it was more than I expected. In particular, a scene that included comments on the urban transportalmost saved by the fact that those responsible have not been risky in a particular moment of the end. Offer a sequel that does not detract. And attention to the post-credits scene, it is brutal.


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