This is the skimmer to the clitoris of Klan Kardashian, which is sold on Amazon


We cannot look away even for an instant of the family Kardashianbecause when we least expect it… again surprise us. This has happened in the last few days with one of the members of the famous ‘klan’ television, which has left us anonadas for your gifts for Mother’s Day.

The recent celebration of this festival in the united States (it is not on the same date as in Spain) has allowed us to know that Khloé Kardashian decided to have a very special detail with your mother, Kris Jennerand with her sister Kourtney.

The socialite gave to these two members of your family an erotic toy. Specifically, the sucking of clitoris SONA 2 Cruise, LELO. It seems that by own experience Khloé adores this device, so that wanted to share it with your family.

Specifically, this sucker clit it has 12 vibration patterns and many other levels of intensity. In addition, it is coated silicone biodegradable a high quality, ultra-smooth and very easy to clean.

On sale at Amazon for 139 euros (you can buy it here), the Swedish firm has been crowned this toy as the best-selling product in Spain of the firm during the last few weeks.

Demonstrating that the Klan Kardashian it is not the only in surrender to the charms of LELO, this brand product have excellent ratings. Its virtues are many, according to the comments of the buyers, as that is water-resistant and its battery holds up to 200 uses without recharge.

However, it is not the only one device ies LELO you have to know. Go into your local Amazon store and enjoy choosing what all you will want to try first. There are not only for women, its extensive catalog includes proposals for couples and for men.

Models Gigi, Lily, or Hugo are some of its best-sellingas we see on its web page. So if you dare to follow the style Kardashian don’t wait to test these machines for pleasure.


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