This is the amazing mansion of Meghan and Harry in Los Angeles


Since you revealed the location of the mansion in the currently guarding Meghan and Harry in the city of Los Angelesthe curiosity of the public has become notorious, because the viewers want to know how is the residence that dukes of Sussex have chosen to stay safe in this confinement because of the Covid-19.

It is known that when you get to Los Angeles, Meghan and Harry they took refuge in the mansion of filmmaker Tyler Perry, who is a close friend of Oprah Winfrey. The property is located in the exclusive area of Beverly Ridge Estates. It is a complex of eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a plot of land of almost nine hectares, a swimming pool, a spectacular view and the most important private security.

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The mansion valued at $ 18 million tuscan-style has everything to pretend to be a property worthy of a royal. It has classical d├ęcor, and something extravagant, your kitchen is covered in marble and features a large stove.

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The room that currently occupies the gentle Archie, for a year, was originally designed to Loves, the son of the filmmaker, and appeared in the recent video in which they appear Meghan your child by reading a story.

But if the great entrance and the finishes we were impressed, the bathrooms, without doubt, have left us without words, as they feature a jacuzzi surrounded by marble columns in a Greek style.

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According to the Daily Mail, it is not known if the actress and the prince are renting the luxurious mansion, to do so, the same british newspaper points out that they would be paying for the valuable amount of 20 thousand and 40 thousand dollars a month, but it is also believed that it might be a loan between friends, given the closeness of Oprah Winfrey,a friend of Tyler Perry, the dukes of Sussex.

The last thing we knew of this mansion is that the duke and duchess decided to amurallarse inside of it, and so erected a fence so they can’t leak the details of his intimate life, despite the fact that there are only 14 home within this complex and each one is distanced by several meters from each other.

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