Simon Pegg thinks they are not taken seriously by his comedies


In the past 20 years, the actor Simon Pegg not only has he shown his great talent in the genre of comedy, but also has excelled as a scriptwriter and consultant style in different projects of Hollywood, among them, the last installment of the “Star Trek”.

Even so, during the promotion of his new movie “Inheritance”, psychological thriller that has been released in a digital way, the actor can not help but feel annoyed by her typecasting in the genre of comedy.

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In the film directed by Vaughn Stein, Pegg he plays a murderer who has been held has captivated over 30 years in a bunker.

The actor assured The Hollywood Reporter that has been his reputation as a comedian that he makes you feel that people are not able to take it seriously.

One thinks of ‘just A minute, I would like to interpret this paper or this other one’. And people will say, ‘No, No, you are this. This is what you do and don’t want to do anything else’. Happens with many actors of comedy and at times, not allowed to leave that space.

The actor concludes that he was happy that the director presented him with the opportunity to interpret something that was the opposite of fun.

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Inheritance” also with the performances of Lily Collins, Connie Nielsen, and Chace Crawford. Can be rented in digital format via Amazon Prime Video and Apple.

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