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4 minutes | The music of the ad is a success when it manages to sneak in the heads of the spectators and accompanies them day and night. Have you ever been hooked up to one of these songs advertising? Here are 10 of the most successful of recent times.

Not all ads have music, but the most of them and they are catchy songs, driven, funny, original or nostalgic. They always have something to hook viewers, some songs of ads have been equally or more famous than the brands that advertise or the products you fling. These 10 are sure you are going to sound, but much.

10 songs ad hard to forget

10. The song of Fanta – With little me the amount


The soda with bubbles more famous he got in 2009. Fanta launched a spot where a teenager showed the thousand and one ways of enjoying the leisure, events and gastronomy with the best savings. The concept low cost began to be attractive and popular. With little I mounted it the group Zodiacs is the soundtrack of this spot and the culprit of their success.

9. The Mercedes GLA – You and me


The slogan of this spot: “Whatever your next destination” and the song You and Me the Swedish group The Wannadies have been the perfect combination chosen by Mercedes in 2018 to launch its new model GLA. The chorus of the song is catchy until exhaustion.

8. Renault Clio – Sex Machine


In 1999, the Renault Clio got a announcement car of the mythical and the song of James Brown was his main key to success. The spot it was a triumph without precedent in Spain, Argentina, Portugal or Italy and the Clio for many as it was always the car of the “gueropa”.

7. Coca Cola – Chuhuahua


No one disputes that the advertisements of Coca Cola give to make a book: the ones that have music, that have a history, the Christmas… The cola the world’s most famous has ads always admirable. In 2003 he made half the world sang and danced the famous Chihuahua Dareas mythical and always wandering in our heads since then, above all, when travelling on metro.

6. Movistar – What an idea


Aesthetic ochentera and the rhythm of the disco craze to launch in the summer of 2007, the offers of Movistar: What a concept!… a resounding success that accompanied us during many months and that made the most nostalgic dust off those vinyls, authentic of the 80’s Italian singer Pino D Angiò. The song which was used in the ad is tweaked in the letter to talk about the company offers mobile.

5. Coca Cola – Pita’s


Orleya sang and danced Pita’s on their debut album that was about to launch, but it only made him need to discover a manager of Coca-Cola in search of a song for the spot summer of the brand. Another smash hit throughout Europe in that year of european Championship in Portugal and the olympic games of Athens. Don’t feel weird if right now you’re singing it in your head.

4. Kenzo World – The New Fragrance


Kenzo looked to its campaign to one of the best, Spike Jonze, but not left it unguarded, and it also became a risky topic, e-Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums feat. Assassin “Mutant Brain”. The result, a choreography unpredictable starring Margaret Qualley and that does not leave indifferent.

3. Uneven – Adventure


The clothing brand Catalan it is characterized by launch advertisements, always with dance, catchy music and a lot of color, which is always identified with your clothes, original and exclusive. In 2017, the collection Exotic Jeans came and conquered with the ethnic rhythm of Adventure, the pop singer Mavi Phoenix.

2. Peugeot e-LEGEND cocept – Who Wants It (Remix By Postaal)


The conceptual car –you can’t buy it yet – that had Peugeot in the Christmas of 2018 came with a soundtrack made to measure: electrical, technological and fun. The e-Legend Concept features an electric motor that produces 456 horsepower and when there is, you will need a insurance to suit you. The announcement was released with the hashtag #UnboringTheFuture, set to the rhythm of Who Wants It (Remix By Postaal the trio of French electronic music KCPK, and which continues to resonate in our heads.

1.The Country -The Country is where you are


The daily newspaper most sold in Spain were given the luxury of an adapted version of “there’s No one like you” by the puerto rican group Calle 13. Your letter, with some small changes, could not be more ideal to sell the concept of information flowing in all directions.

How many of you have remembered this selection of 10 ads with the songs very catchy? Certainly more than half, and many others that you will have come to memory when thinking about advertising that makes you sing and to dance.


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