What to expect from the wild-prequel to Mad Max, Furious


It’s been five full years since that Miller unleashed the show luxuriously mad that was Mad Max: Fury Road 2015 in the world. George Miller is preparing to officially bring us back to Wasteland.

In the years since the fantasy of post-apocalyptic Miller made burn the film world by the sum of $ 375 million at the box office , six Academy awards and a nomination for Best Film is really amazing, Fury Road has only grown in esteem, recently even getting the top honors in the poll of critics of World of Reel ‘s Best Movies of the 2010s .

So beloved is the last chapter of Miller in the adventures of the iconic anti-hero Max Rockatansky ( Tom Hardy ), Fury RoadLos fans have been clamoring for a long time to take a look at a sequel equally crazy .

Although, according to reports, George Miller still plans to do a sequel of Mad Max: Fury Road somewhere on the way broken, the filmmaker has confirmed via a recent interview with the New York Times that his trip to Wasteland, in fact it will put the woman favorite of the fans of Fury Road . Imperator Furious (Charlize Theron) front and center.

While this will certainly be a good news for the fans of the character iconic, it seems that we still have to wait a little bit before that Furious has his moment in the spotlight film.

“Then, after we finish ( TTYL ), and hopefully it all calms down with the pandemic, we will see what allows us to make the world Angry.”

Furious might be even more big and crazy Mad Max: Fury Road

“If anyone else calls, I am retired. If you call, we will have lunch. ”

The production delayed Three Thousand Years of Longing is the bad news, of course, because it means that we do not know when Miller will be Furious in front of the cameras. The good news is that when you do, do it with some of the players behind key scene of Mad Max: Fury Road , specifically the director of photography, Oscar nominee John Seale and Miller’s Fury Road co -writer Nicholas Lathouris.

In the case of Seale, it seems that the PD (unofficially withdrawn from that wrapped principal photography on Fury Road in 2013), is anxious to make an exception for Miller and re-join the ranks of the job to collaborate with the director once more, “EnFury Road , I said to George:

“If anyone else calls, I am retired. If you call, we will have lunch. “

In terms Lathouris and Miller that they want to re-visit the character, it seems that the duo fell in love with both of Angry as I developed his background story in Fury Road (a tactic that supposedly took for each character in the film ) that were touched. to write a draft of the script of Raging before they were filmed his movie Mad Max .

Although little is known of the storyline of Furious , the player of support from Fury Road , Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, apparently, has read it and has already proclaimed a work of genius.

“I had to read it when I was elected (in Fury Road ). It’s great. I’ve always wondered if that movie is going to do.”

Wait for a new face to Furious in the prequel Mad Max: Fury Road

It seems that is close to that Furious materialize on the screen. And if a mockery, attractive designer’s production of Furious , Colin Gibson, about the amount of cars with style Wasteland (he built 135 of the horrors to Fury Road ) required for the prequel is any indication, the film can be even bigger and bolder than its predecessor.

“The next iteration possible, which is on the table, you have even more.”

Wait for a new face to Furious in the prequel Mad Max: Fury Road

More cars, trucks and motorcycles in Furious can only mean that Miller is ready to bring a larger action, parts, more crazy and more fire than ever before when the movie prequel comes to the screen.

Unfortunately, Miller confirmed in his interview that , the one who brought Furious to a life vivid in Fury Road , he will not return to the driver’s seat for the movie prequel. According to Miller, that has little to do with the work of Theron as a heroine armed with mech. Rather, it is the result of that Furious is set 20 years before the events of Fury Road , and the caution of Miller on the current technology of aging.

“For a long time, I thought that we could simply use the degeneration by CG in Charlize, but I don’t think that we are close to that,” explained the visionary author. “Despite the valiant attempts of The Irishman , I think there is still a valley of strange. All are ready to solve the problem, especially the japanese designers of video games, but I think that there is still a valley wide enough”.

As impressive as the work of Scorsese and the company was in The Irishman Netflix , even we would have to agree in that the effect of aging often digressed a bit, so it can ultimately be something good that Miller is just looking to re-launch Furious for her origin story independent.

As it is, Miller (currently in the launch phase of Furious) is in search of an actor of 20-somethings to fill the boots of the size of warrior Theron, and many believe that Anya Taylor-Joy, The Witch is the best choice of Miller for The first concert.

Miller has not yet confirmed any news of casting on Furious , of course. In the same way, the visionary director keeps the film’s plot a secret. That being the case, it seems that the waiting game for Angry has officially begun.

And like the rest of the fans of Mad Max , we just can’t wait to see what madness has Miller saved for the movie.


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