What Elle Fanning is fought with Dakota? She explains it all


The actress Elle Fanning has never denied that her older sister Dakota Fanning it is the main reason I finished working on the film in the first place, because of small both were playing to represent their own stories at home and, later, he would present the opportunity to start to act when the directors of the films in which this took part I asked their parents if she could give life to the younger version of the same character.

Although comparisons are odious, and inevitable, this has not been the biggest problem of growing up in the shadow of another performer at the personal level and professional. What most disturbs Elle Fanning is that you assume that you are not able to rejoice in the triumphs of the other without comparing them with your own, or that their careers may have hurt his fraternal relationship.

“My sister takes in this industry since I was very small, and in all my interviews I used to say: ‘Oh, you’re very jealous of one another’. I don’t know why, but it seems that all the world is bent on confronting women among themselves and there is that cliché that, when you work with other companions, there is always a certain rivalry and that is not true at all”, has been revealed now in a statement to the portal Entertainment Tonight, in which he has taken up again the argument already stated in a recent interview to the magazine Tatler.