Video: for this “blooper”, Bugatti will not sell more cars to Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise broke one of the “rules” most widespread in the world of the show: that to the Hollywood stars, brands them “give away” and can get them what they want. But it is always so.

This happened to the protagonist of Mission Impossible, who remains on the black list of Bugatti. The reason? An event that occurred in 2006! It is seen that the French brand with headquarters in Molsheim are very, very good memory.


Ran, 2006, and premiered Mission Impossible 3. In a massive event where all eyes (and cameras) logically were waiting for the protagonist, happened the unthinkable: Tom had serious difficulties to open the passenger door his Veyron to his then wife, Katie Holmes.

Seconds before the actor had appeared with the spectacular drive black that was the car of series, that is to say, with permission to circulate on the street, fastest on the planet.

He got off, broke out the applause and the screams of the audience, greeted him cheerfully, and when he wanted to open the door to Katie, I was with the insurance since. Another attempt, failed, went back to try again and again failed. Finally managed it, but Bugatti had already taken note.

Tom Cruise had bought the Veyron in 2005 by more than a million euros. A car spectacular with an engine of 16 cylinders in W, 8 liter, turbo and 1001 horsepower. The box was an automatic 7-gear and the total traction to the four wheels.

With this mechanics the French model was able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and achieve nothing more and nothing less than the It 407 km/h of speed end!

But that Bugatti will cost much more than a million euros. As of today, that “panela” in front of millions, the brand does not want to sell any model zero kilometer.


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