Tolkien: Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins star in the biopic


Fox Searchlight has announced the start of production of Tolkien, biopic focused on the life of the creator of The Lord of the Rings and starring Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: fury road) and Lily Collins (Hunters of shadows: City of bones).

The film, which began filming in Liverpool a few days ago, is headed by the director-Finnish Dome Karukoski (The Home of Dark Butterflies). Regarding the script, the script runs by David Gleeson (considered a true fan of the work of Tolkien) and Stephen Beresford. The story is set just before World War I, tells of the diverse life experiences that inspired Tolkien in the face to write the famous trilogies gained located in Middle Earth.

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Regarding the cast, along with Hoult and Collins will be, Colm Meaney (With Air), Craig Roberts (Submarine), Anthony Boyle (Onus), Patrick Gibson (The OA), Tom Glynn-Carney (Dunkerque), Genevieve O’reilly (Rogue One: A history of Star Wars), Laura Donnelly (Outlander), Pam Ferris (Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban) and Derek Jacobi (Gladiator).

Respect to the production, this is in charge of Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping and David Ready for Chernin Entertainment, along with Kris Thykier of Archery Pictures.