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Although it is the daughter of the renowned musician Phil Collins, and has starred in independent films, on his visit to Mexico, the actress Lily Collins said to be prepared for the criticisms and comparisons that the film Hunters of shadows: City of bones may have with other movies like Twilight or Hunger games.

“I try not to pay attention to the criticism or the expectations that you do about the movie, because if I do it would be like having a great burden to them,” added the actress.

Collins, who rose to fame by embodying snow White in the film Mirror, Mirror, can not believe this tape to be the successor of the franchise starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinsonas stated that while Twilight is aimed at a teenage audience, Hunters of the shadows is going to an older audience.

“I don’t think there is a lot of similarity between Twilight and this tape, although it is always an honour that you compare us with those movies that have been so successful,” said the actress of 24 years.

Although it is aware that this tape, you can attract fame and popularity immediate, assured that by no reason this will cause your way of being and behaving are going to change.

“I am not famous, I’m still me, I do not wish to be someone other than me; it is wonderful that you believe that I can be very famous and popular, but I only do this because I like to,” he said.

In a good mood and open to answer questions from the press, Kevin Zegers, Jamie Campbell and Godfrey Gao they also spoke of their experience in the filming and what they expect to happen with this fledgling franchise film.

Zegers, who gives life to Alec Lightwood, revealed that they had no idea of the impact and popularity that the books had among the public until they began filming the first part.

“I know that the books have many fans, I’m prepared for anything that might happen with the film, although I know that will appeal to the public”, referred to by the histrión.

For his part, Campbell, who will be the love interest of Collins in fiction, explained that after participating in other sagas such as Harry Potter and Twilight, sees it as a great responsibility to carry out this tape.


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