‘The Last Dance’: The incredible confession of Rodman about his relationship with Michael Jordan


To lack of sporting events during the quarantine, few things shook both the world of sport such as the release of ‘The Last Dance’. The documentary on the last season of Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls is being a resounding success, and is breaking some marks. One of the co-stars of the 1997-1998 season is Dennis Rodman. The former player clarified how their relationship was with ‘MJ’.

Few basketball players in history have been as controversial as Dennis Rodman. The eccentric former player is remembered for his controversial personality, that even many have been linked with madness. This has returned to the public light after the release of the documentary, and has referred to your work in the template for the Bulls during his last great season. ‘Psycho’ spoke of his relationship with Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Despite being one of the teams most deadly of the history, Rodman he stressed that had nothing to do with ‘Mike’ and Pippen. This has surprised many, given the excellent performance of the template directed by Phil Jackson. “It was fun to play with Jordan and Scotty Pippen, but for three years we talked. Not crossed a single word with either of the two off the pitch“.

“Michael was the scorer, Scottie was Robin and I was the type that picked up trash. We complementábamos very well on the pitch,” he said Dennis Rodman in his dialogue with the journal Brand. The controversial basket player was a critical piece in the second tri-championship of the Chicago Bulls, receiving the ring in the years 1996, 1997 and 1998. His career collapsed after this iconic season.

Episode with Carmen Electra

In the context of ‘The Last Dance‘, Michael Jordan he recounted how he got to Dennis Rodman in bed with the actress and model, Carmen Eectra, who was his wife. 23 told that this was taken a few days holiday, but this took longer than expected and had to go for it. “We had to go to get your ass out of bed. I’m not going to tell what I had in that bed or where I was or things like that.” Then, it was the same Carmen Electra who closed the story. “They knocked on the door and it was Michael Jordan. I hid. I didn’t want to see me so I got behind the couch with the sheets over you.”


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