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“I have taken the very difficult decision not to return in the next season of the series ‘Batwoman,'” said Ruby Rose,model and actress who had gotten into the costume of this heroine of DC Comics

Although they were not given the reasons for his resignation, it speaks of a lot of tension about the amount of harassment on social media, which received a Rose on the part of haters and fans angry.


Ruby Rose in a scene from the series

“The study and chain (in Colombia was broadcast by HBO), are firmly committed to the second season of ‘Batwoman’ and his long-term future, and, along with the talented creative team of the series, we are eager to share this new direction, including the choice in the coming months of a new character that is a part of the community LGBTIQ”, was one of the comments of the producers.

Precisely sounds a lot like the name of Stephanie Beatriz, an actress of father colombian mother and a bolivian that was born in Neuquén (Argentina) but raised in the united States. Has 39 years old, and was one of the first to acknowledge that he would love to take the role that left Rose.

Stephanie Beatriz

Stephanie Beatriz worked in the comedy ‘Brooklyn-Nine Nine

Beatrice is remembered for his work on the series ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ (as detective Rosa Diaz), ‘In the Heights’ and ‘Lego Movie 2’..

However, it will not be an easy task, as the producers claimed that the series is going to continue working on the second season of the series, and already there must be hundreds of actresses preparing for the hearing.

Another of the actresses that might sound, it is Evan Rachel -Wood, though would be difficult as it prepares for the fourth season of ‘Westworld’, but for many it is precisely in that series as a heroine full of gray tones would work very well to take on the challenge of being Batwoman.

Evan Rachel Wood, star of ‘Westworld’

Actress Evan Rachel Wood showed his power in ‘Westworld’.


Valerie Macon / AFP

It has also been suggested to Michelle Rodriguez, famous for his work on the film saga of ‘Fast and Furious’.

Fast and Furious 9

Michelle Rodriguez on an image of ‘Fast and furious 9’.


courtesy United International Pictures

She is an activist for the Lgbti community, experience with the action has a powerful presence in front of the cameras, which would place it as one of the candidates for some fans.

Since before Ruby Rose will take the role in the series, in some specialized media came to say that Kristen Stewart (remembered popularly by the saga of ‘Twilight’ but with an already extensive career in drama and action) it was perfect for the role.

Both their physical characteristics and the attitude a bit cold that feels on-screen, it might work to be a ‘batiestrella’ plausible for the fans.

Threat deep

Kristen Stewart acted in the movie Menace in the deep.

It has also been shuffled by the name of Alexandra Daddario, who has appeared in films such as ‘Baywatch’, ‘Percy Jackson’ and ‘Can You Keep a Secret’.

Possibly does not represent the Lgbti community, but for many it has all the features to make the leap to tv in a character with a semblance of heroism and a lot of power female.

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario in the movie Baywatch

Like Anna Paquin, who at 11 years old won an Oscar as best supporting actress for ‘The piano’ and it was the famous vampire Sookie Stackhousede the series True Blood and played Rogue in the saga of X-Men. Also appreciated in ‘The irish’ , Martin Scorsese.

Anna Paquin

The canadian actress became famous also for the series ‘True Blood’.

She has the experience and the emotional strength to take on the role and reactions in social networks.



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