So is the diet Keto 2.0 (a much easier way to lose weight)


The diet ketogenic, also known as Ketois perhaps one of the most controversial that there are. The discovered in 1921, the endocrine Henry Rawle Geyelin, and focuses on the intake of more foods rich in proteins and fat and the restriction of carbohydrates and sugars with the objective of generating a situation of ketosis –excess of ketones in the blood– similar to the fast.

This causes the body to enter “ketosis”, causing the fat reserves to be converted into ketones, which fuel muscles and the brain instead of carbohydrates. The result is the burning of fat and loss weight relatively quick in comparison with a traditional diet.

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Arrived at an age to have a ‘six pack’ is very difficult, but not impossible. Start with a good diet and exercise and gradually you will see results

In the keto original ingested from 60 to 75% of the calories from fats, 15 to 30% of proteins and 5-10% from carbohydrates. This regime is notoriously difficult to follow and, as a result, many people that have followed the end up dropping out. But not all who were once great followers want to cut completely the ties with this diet and they just want you to your diet is a little more accessible, why continue the keto 2.0.

A more relaxed approach

There are No “rules” with this modified version, but a registered dietitian points out that the followers of keto 2.0 usually try to obtain the 50% of their calories fatthe 30% of the proteins and the 20% of the carbohydrates. As a result, they may take 100 grams of carbohydrates per day in the alternative version of 2,000 calories or double the amount, explained to ‘Prevention’ the nutritionist Scott Keatley.

The keto 2.0 is more recommendable than the original if you want to follow a balanced diet with more fruits, vegetables and protein

There is another great aspect of 2.0 that must be taken into account: if you increase the intake of carbohydrates the 20%, they would not be considered a ketogenic diet, “because it is not possible to reach ketosis,” says Karen Ansel, co-author of ‘Healthy in a Hurry’.

Foods that you can take

As with the keto normal, technically you can eat any thing you want within the parameters of the diet, but foods such as sugar, fruits, vegetables and cereals tend to be very limited.

A big problem that many nutrition professionals have with the keto is that the people who do it tend to accumulate a lot of saturated fats or, at least, many people fall into the trap of eating many products are loaded with saturated fats. While these foods can technically help you to lose weight on this diet when you stay within their frames, are not exactly recommended for heart health or general welfare.

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Kayla’s whole life was the “friend chubby”. With 23 years, after being startled to see his appearance in a photograph, has managed to reduce its weight considerably

The keto 2.0 it seems to be interesting to achieve a balanced diet, with more fruits, vegetables and protein. You can take them in limited quantities such as the normal, but the new alternative gives more room to maneuver.

Another great advantage, according to Ansel is that “you’ll get more fiber with the 2.0in comparison with the regular that does not have at all, and it can help you to filling you up, reducing the risk of disease and improve digestion general.”