Simona Halep became the world number one after a hug


Darren Cahill lifted the curtain and explained how Halep overcame the difficult times of his career, how he, and the fitness coach of Simona, turned around with a warm hug and what is the most important thing that you must do as a tennis coach.

Darren Cahill, the coach who succeeded Hewitt, Agassi and Simona in the first place in the world, explained that the dedication, the power of listening and the ability to correct by learning from mistakes are the things that matter most to you, a coach: The most important thing is to give the best of you, listen to your player and learn from your mistakes.

I have made many mistakes with Simona. There is No doubt about it. ” Darren confessed that one of his worst mistakes was pushing to Simona, especially in the key moments as the final of a Grand Slam: “One of the biggest mistakes is after she lost that final against Ostapenko in the French Open.

Everyone was devastated, I’m sure. He was devastated. We went to a room in the French Open. The room is for the players to fight. Simona asked me to come after she lost.

I did not know what to say. I had a set, 3-0, break points, so the match and the title were there for her and knew how much it meant for Grand Slam win for her and for all in Romania.

Mr. webster was even struck me that day, “We’ve got to win today! We need to win today!” and I was like “I know, I know …” we Were sitting there for about 20-25 minutes.

Simona was crying, just crying and didn’t know what to tell you because he knew what was going through his mind “This was my chance and I messed up! This was my big chance to win a Grand Slam and I escaped for the fingers!

“So, where do you go from there? How to wake up the athlete and make it more strong, I believe that they can do it? And I pushed pretty strong after that French Open to get back on the horse.

I pushed very strong for 2-3 years. Train hard, train with a purpose, forget the losses. Let’s keep looking forward and take each challenge day by day. Don’t think too much in the overall picture, because if you keep doing the right things and it will take care of itself, will not have to worry about.

But it took her a little tired and the chances of getting the number one lost a pair of games against Konta in Wimbledon, then against Muguruza in the final in Cincinnati and then lost that match against Sharapova at the US Open.

“Coach australian acknowledged that it was an “idiot” and discovered the key moment which propelled the career of Halep and made it reach to number one in the world: “it Was a great day for us, a great day for us because I was pushing so much that I did not.

Not what I see, not what I felt. After that, the physical trainer approached me and I was upset after that game because I wanted her to beat Sharapova and she didnít stick to the game plan and I’m thinking “play tennis, the game plan, be aggressive, take a chance,” ” that’s all I think, and he said to me:” Darren, I think that sometimes we push too much and 1.68 inches is too much and I think that sometimes you just have to go out, give A hug and tell her that you love her.

I think that it will mean more to her now that talk of tennis “Went” Aaargh. I’ll talk tennis! “We sit and talk about tennis. He was an idiot. I saw that the tears came back down and she walked away.

The coach chased in a protective manner and gave me a gesture of disapproval. Look. I told you I’m an idiot. Then, I got up, I walked over and pulled out of his costume, gave him a hug, told her I loved her, I told her that it was my fault, that I pressed too, that these last 6 or 7 weeks were also a learning experience for me and that will not happen again and from now on, we will do this together.

3 or 4 weeks after she beat Sharapova 6-2, 6-2 in Asia, was the number one in the world, that was all. She was a player different after that because all I did was give her a hug. Sometimes you need someone at your side that you can trust to tell you the truth, to give you a different truth through different eyes. The story, physical trainer, was one of the main reasons why we change things”


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