Sia and Maddie Ziegler return to the load in 2020 | Music


Three months ago I had that Sia he had embarked on a new project that would see the light in this 2020, and that had led to the delay of their upcoming adventures musical. But luckily, his debut as a screenwriter and director, also brings with it new songs that carry his signature.

The first theme of his first film, Music, has already seen the light, and as it could not be otherwise in this journey has been accompanied by her traveling companion Maddie Ziegler. The name of the song is Together and it is the first preview of the soundtrack that future movie outing.

As usual in recent times, the Sia is placed in the chair of the address of the video clip that accompanies the subject and his ‘alter ego’ youthful stars in the video with one of his usual performances of dance.

Together has been composed by Sia, and Jack Antonoff and it is one of the 10 songs that will be part of the soundtrack of Music, a film that in the sharing we find to Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr, Hector Elizondo, Tig Notaro and the own Maddie Ziegler telling the story of an autistic child (Ziegler) is in the care of a sister as problematic (Hudson).

Almost three years have passed since the soloist, the australian published his last studio album, a christmas record. A disease has motivated that Sia has postponed his musical projects but it has not been in a musical silence. We have enjoyed several new songs, both performed by her and in which she has collaborated with other artists such as Dua Lipa in Saved my life.

In fact Sia has had time to do a fun parody of one of the phenomena of television of the time, Joe Exotic. Your theme is called Joe Exotic (Diva cut) and has two known collaborators of his, the dancer of your video clips, Maddie Ziegler and the stylist Tonya Brewer. And comes with video recorded in quarantine.


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