Robin was going to be connected to an important character in ‘The Dark Knight’


The trilogy ‘The Dark Knight’ of Christopher Nolan it was a new version of the character much more realistic, this without leaving of side the essence of the hero and in this new version showed us to new characters that had not appeared previously and which were fundamental to the story, but one of them was going to have an important connection with a robin, as originally Rachel Dawes was going to be a family Dick Grayson.

The character of Rachel Dawes first played by Katie Holmes and subsequently by Maggie Gyllenhaal it was one of the great surprises within this trilogy, as it showed as a great love of Bruce Wayne, but interestingly, this character does not exist in the pages of DC Comics, so intrigued by their closeness with Bruce, in addition to being the first to discover its identity.

Originally this character was going to have a connection with one of the biggest allies of Batman, because in the first draft of the script of ‘The Dark Knight’ stated that Rachel Dawes was going to be the family of Dick Grayson, since I was going to mention that I had a family that was dedicated to the stunts in a circus, that is to say, the family Grayson.

But as we saw, this did not appear in the final version, since it was decided to remove this reference, as Christopher Nolan did not want to raise expectations to the fans about his appearance in the future, in addition to that at that time I did not know if he was going to do a third film, and apparently this decision was pretty successful, since one of the restrictions you put Christian Bale to return to the role of Batman was not to have a Robin.

Despite the fact that Dick Grayson was not part of this trilogy, yes we had a reference to a Robin, specifically the role of John Blake played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which became the successor of the knight of the night at the end of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

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