Rebuild of Evangelion is free for you to remember the incomprehensible that is


While PlayStation and Ubisoft give away games for you to stay at home, Studio Khara released for free the first three movies Rebuild of Evangelion so that you remember how the new version of the original story of Hideaki Anno it began in a way majestic and ended up in a somewhat incomprehensible.


The three movies Rebuild of Evangelion are available through the official YouTube channel of Studio Khara since April 20. What’s better? It is available for everyone because it is not equipped with a blocking region that tends to happen with some content to japanese.

Now, all the movies Rebuild of Evangelion are intact, without cuts or adjustments, just that, at the start of each film, there is a short to promote the fourth installment of this story that now has been delayed by the issue of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19.

Rebuild of Evangelion

Because if you want to get demanding truth, you can put the animations in Full HD 1080p. The bad thing is the sound that only it can reach up to 128kbps with AAC compression, in other words, we talk about the quality of an MP3 is average.

Maybe it’s better to see Rebuild of Evangelion on Blu-ray

Yes, the three movies Rebuild of Evangelion are available via YouTube, free of charge and at the official channel of Studio Khara, however, are designed for Japan, because they don’t have some sort of subtitles in English, Spanish or any other language, so that I could be a small barrier for some fans.

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On the other hand, this can be for a very simple reason and it is related to licensing and distribution. While Khara is the owner of the rights of each tape, the license was already sold to other countries where there should be some exclusivity for the use of dubbing or subtitles with the movie.

In these moments you can find the package of the three films of Eva in a very affordable price and on Blu-ray. Where you can buy them? Here.

In these moments alone, we should expect that the world situation will improve for you gradually return to a normal situation that allows us to see that last movie Evangelion in the film.



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