Pamela Anderson speaks about the movie Baywatch, clarifies the infamous ‘Sex Tape’


The blonde bombshell “Baywatch” shares what she thinks that made the original program so special, and check your sexual compatibility with the star of “RHONY” Ramona Singer.

Pamela Anderson I was more than willing to open up during an online chat with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” alongside the star of “Real Housewives of New York” Singer Ramona.

Even when Andy decided we should check the sexual compatibility of the two women, you know, without any reason, Pamela was a game. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on how the 2016 “Baywatch” filming with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in comparison with the original.

But felt the need to make things clear about her infamous “sex tape” with ex-boyfriend Tommy Lee. In fact, he did so ably when Andy asked him if he had a favorite among other tapes sex famous.

“That was not a sex tape,” he said of the images infamemente leaked of her and Tommy. “It was a collection of vacation in which we were naked”.

Cleverly, she never bothered answering the original question Andy, although he doesn’t seem to mind after that small distinction fun.

But Pamela was not so shy when asked directly what he thought of the new theatrical version of his most famous role. “I didn’t like it,” he said. “No, let’s keep the bad tv as a bad television”.

She continued by explaining that the biggest difference was in how they elaborated the projects. “$ 65 million can make a great movie,” he said. “We did our shows for about $ 500,000. It’s like a movie guerrilla. We had the same explosions, the same scenes under the water. That was the fun part, be creative.”

Critics would disagree with the fact that the original film is a “great film”, but the point remains. Part of the charm of “Baywatch” was so bad and cheesy that was. There is a reason that the program lasted 11 seasons and was not the acting or the stories.

Of course, it helped that the cast is beyond impressive and in large part poorly dressed in most of their scenes. But there was also that feeling of chaotic fun with a small budget.

Hilariously, when a viewer asked when was the last time that Pamela spoke with the former coestrella Yasmine Bleeth, she had an answer even better. First, he admitted that probably he had not spoken with Yasmine since they were together in the program.

Andy continued by asking who of the cast was still in contact. Pamela was in the program for five seasons, working with Yasmine, David Hasselhoff, Jeremy Jackson, Nicole Eggert, Carmen Electra and many more.

But your response to that? “No one,” adding for clarification, “I’m not a social person”.

“I like my children. I like my close circle of friends. Really do not go out with people,” he continued. “I like my dogs, my children. I prefer the dogs. Not my children, but to most people”.

Speaking of comparisons, Andy was clearly having an absolute blast facing Pamela against (what next?) Ramona, to see how sexually compatible they were with regard to their preferences in the bedroom … or in public.

Did all sorts of probing questions as if they would have or not sex or divided the account on the first date, if they could forgive a cheater, if they liked the sex in the shower, and more.

It the remarkable thing about the session is that not agreed on almost everything! Maybe Andy should have asked Ramona what he thought about the film “Baywatch”.

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