Oscar 2020; a red carpet turns green


Yes, the delivery number 92 of the Academy awards of Hollywood left much to reflect on and not just in relation to what was said there; was memorable, the speech of Joaquin Phoenix -winner-best actor leading – referring to the need to overcome the differences that separate us and fight together to end the inequalities and the abuse of one group over the other. But also remember the red carpet by her shy but steady trend to sustainability and for being a ceremony in which he gave much prominence to the women on the stage to the time they are ignored at the time of inclusion in the nominations in its aspect of directors.

So, the three super heroines Brie Larson –Captain Marvel-, Sigourney Weaver –Lieutenant Ripley in Alien – and Gal Gadot –Wonder Woman – presented the songs nominated for the Oscar in 2020 and who led the orchestra of the ceremony was another woman, the irish Eimear Noone who had the privilege of knowing the last year when it was introduced in Buenos Aires in the show Maria Callas Hologram Tour.

But that presence did not managed to hide the long absences and for this the fashion used his power of messenger, and left him well exposed in gold on black. How? Natalie Portman walking the red carpet with a total look of Dior, a black dress with overlay tunic of tulle with golden details, and sweetheart neckline. Until there, nothing outside of what Maria Grazia Chiuri as leader of the French firm used to deliver their pieces of haute couture; but the final touch was the black coat in which appeared embroidered in gold the names Scafaria, Gerwig, Wang, Amiel, Diop, Heller, Har’the, Matsoukas and Sciamma, the directors of film that were left out of the nominations. A whole putting into action the convictions feminists of the designer.

Now, on the red carpet also seem to blow winds green because the move of the sustainability is beginning to gain ground in one of the stained glass windows more admired as is that of the Oscar awards.

In a world that increasingly bet on the responsible consumption, which three celebrities in the firmament of Hollywood choose to wear dresses or repeated vintage is a real novelty. Penélope Cruz, muse of Chanel and friend of Karl Lagerfeld, who was the heart and soul of the firm for more than 36 years of age, wore a dress that the label introduced in 1995 and which concentrates in itself all the icons of Buns: color black, belt of pearls and a large camellia in the chest. A fashion look simple with straight hair, without ornaments or jewelry excessive, and makeup without harshness ended up completing a look that was conspicuous by its elegance and simplicity.

In the same line, the candidate for best supporting actress, Margot Robbie wore a dress to a dark blue also the signature Chanel that had been immortalized on the catwalk of 1994, and looked after by Claudia Schiffer. This look more bohemian and languid that the Cross he also sought to accentuate the message of paying attention to responsible consumption and take advantage of what we have before whizzing off to buy compulsively.

If message, Jane Fonda went as far to close the ceremony dressed like that at Cannes 2014 when she took a beautiful dress purple color of the lebanese designer Elie Saab fully embroidered and with subtle transparencies that overlapped his legendary red coat with which it manifests itself continually against climate change. Without a doubt, Jane knows how to bring his words to the facts.

And if we talk about sustainability, a couple of cases left sitting the foundation for future red carpets the example cunda. Kaitlyn Dever is showcased with a dress Louis Vuitton totally made in satin silk which has been certified by “eco-responsible” and it was accompanied shoes the popular signature Aldo who subscribes to the regulations zero carbon footprint. For her part, Saoirse Ronan chose to wear a dress from Gucci, which if well not woke up good comments in connection with the design, got it alleviates the criticism when it was learned that it had been made with leftovers of a genre of costume that she wore at the BAFTA awards. Without a doubt, a bet to call attention to the re-use and recycling.

So the things by Hollywood; powerful messages in the midst of blatant contradictions: the female empowerment coexists with few nominations in categories transcendental, and the wave green in dresses and suits, jewelry worth millions made with precious stones stained with blood and whose extraction is highly polluting. There is still a lot to humanize this industry, but at least begin to catch glimpses of the first changes in that direction, and it is no small thing.