Michael Bublé receives death threats after a scandal with his wife


Luisana Lopilato confessed that after the video became viral, the singer was unjustly accused and even received messages of threats

The wife of Michael Bublé, Luisana Lopilatorevealed in recent days that the singer received death threats after it became viral a video of them when they aired live.

Michael and wife


A few weeks ago, the interpreter of “Feeling good” with his wife Luisana made a live broadcast via Instagram, in the clip, Michael Bublé he began speaking in Spanish, with an accent funny, and a “Hi guys, I am Michael Bubble…”, while Louisiana spoke at the same time, then gave him a nudge, then the couple laughed.

While it is true that it could be a scene of no importance and a joke between the couple, followers of the singer took this as a situation of violence.

Therefore, rumors about domestic violence, the parents of Noah, Life Amber and Elias Bublé made sure that would not speak more about it, however, the actress in an interview for ‘Intruders’ -tv show tv argentina – made it clear that he feels scared by all the messages he received at that time.

“I received much love from many people, but not believe the amount of people who sent me photos with weapons, saying that they were going to kill Michael in terms of putting a foot in Argentina. To this day I still have fear, I not only sent photos with weapons, also with knives saying they were going to cut hands, that we were going to leave a bomb in the house or that we were going to take a beating. I was afraid and I still feel a little scared,” revealed the actress of 33 years.


In addition, Louisiana he mentioned that Michael Bublé he is a man who makes her very happy: “Mike is a gentleman who is always concerned about trying to make me even happier than I already am.”

It is worth mentioning that the model defended prior to her husband after the reaction that the public had with the singer after the video that originated the dispute.

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