Lily Collins shows how dress Blair Waldorf-if you would like to erase a few years off


Blair Waldorf is a name that late millennials carry tattooed on the heart, and of course, for several seasons had the opportunity to create an evolution of style with outfits that no problems could be brought on our daily lives. And yes, even though you are finished in 2012, that does not mean that there is no ground for nor take a more modern version of their outfits.

Do we not believe? See then the last look of Lily Collins. If we do a retrospective, it is possible to believe that Blair Waldorf currently would be the CEO of his own company, that I would wear dresses and skirts that are interesting and clear, occasionally shorts and outfits with a certain parisian-inspired. So what has made a Lily Collins, who has quickly become one of the it girls favorite to wear outfits that look too good to be true.

Plaid + shorts: perfect combination

Lily Collins was seen in the streets of Paris taking a walk with a set that looks good regardless of the place: a set of sac (slightly oversize) and shorts in court from the seventies, they were joined by a print-perfect plaid, a white blouse with a slight V-neckline and toe shoes, square (in black so as not to lose the union of color. The final touch was given by a beret French red, which is so harmonious with the rest of the set.

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This print is known as plaid Ginghamoffers a modern version of the suit that also verifies that the pants are not strictly required at the time of wanting to look good. It is sufficient that the length of the bag to the shorts to the half of the legs to make it look trés chic.

Surely you think that this set is perfect for warm-season or half-time, but what is certain is that you can turn into an outfit of winter with simply adding some tights in black or nude.

Lily Collins you have opted to wear black shoes of patent leather, but if you’re not a fan of this effect in the footwear, then tries to take a few in black but without grabbing too much attention: you can be a few kitten heels or block heels with a low heel.

The perfect outfit to take the 25, 30 and 40 (which takes a few years of above)

Although it is impossible not to ignore the traits youth Lily Collins (we still find it hard to believe that you already have 30 years), one of her secrets for looking young is not only an excellent skincare: keeps your makeup to a minimum in pursuit of their outfits are those that call attention, and in this case, the set manages to subtract a few years of above -if you tell us that has 24, believe-. Added to this is the possibility that you can take with the guarantee that you would happen the same thing: you would look youthful and rejuvenated.

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There is a myth in respect to what age is ‘acceptable’ to wear shorts, but what is certain is that the true secret so that these look always good, regardless of the decade you are in, is in the length of this garment. Just remember that the ideal dimensions are to the middle of the leg, and just before you reach the knee.

This set can take it from 20 years and if anything add stockings if you deal with a cold climate. What you can bring to the job, an interview, an important meeting, a dinner with friends, with your partner, and even an escape at night, just add a bit of color on the lips and voila! You’ll be able to emulate the look of that Blair Waldorf would be proud.

Blair Waldorf: thanks for becoming inspiration for the perfect outfit