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Great amount of criticism she has received an american actress after recall, in social networks one of the darkest of the life of Kobe Bryant. Evan Rachel Wood, who is also an activist of a movement against the sexual harassment, he dedicated a few strong words to the legend of The los Angeles Lakers and generated controversy among internet users.

The actress spoke out via his Twitter account about the death of the short basketball player and his daughter Gianna, the product of a tragic helicopter accident in the hills of California.

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“What has happened is tragic. I am devastated for the family Kobe. He was a sports hero, but he was also a rapist. All of these truths can exist simultaneously”wrote the activist on the social platform.

Evan Rachel Wood on Twitter

This event occurred a few hours after they confirm the unfortunate demise of Kobe Bryant, her daughter Gianna, and other passengers who were in a helicopter flight in the county of Calabasas.

The controversial comment triggered a series of reactions among the users of Twitter and many are expressed in against of its opinion and argued that it should not be touching such a delicate subject after the unexpected death of the leading.

The actress and feminist activist, spoke out on Twitter about the past of the athlete

“And here is where the movement has gotten out of control … attacking a man who literally died less than 24 hours, with their small!”, was one of the comments that received the greatest amount of reactions.

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Rachel Evan Wood he tried to alleviate the criticism with another publication in which he asked to understanding and respect. “Dear, this was not a condemnation or a celebration. It was a reminder that everyone will have different feelings and there is space for all of us to aflijamos together instead of fighting.”

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It should be noted that Kobe Bryant faced a lawsuit in 2003 on accusations of sexual assault against him, denounced by a worker in the hotel of just 19 years.


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